Deadpool 2: Wade & Cable Stuff The Bird on Sequel's First Poster

Fox's Deadpool 2 may not be arriving until next summer, but since it's the holidays, now's as good a time as any to release the first poster for the film. And with a special Thanksgiving twist, because of course!

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True to Deadpool's incredibly referential nature, the poster is itself a homage to classic American painter Norman Rockwell. In particular, the poster is a riff on Rockwell's "Freedom From Want" painting, which featured a number of the painter's friends and family. Rockwell's art was best known for its reflection of American culture, so it's oddly appropriate for Deadpool 2 to so-opt his iconic work for a modern pop culture audience. (Minus a Voltron joke and a stuffed pony reference.)

It also makes sense, then that this poster includes the "family" Wade had in the first film -- Weasel, Vanessa, Blind Al, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Dopinder -- along with newcomers Domino and Cable. And of course, there's Stan Lee in the background. It's best not to let those smiles fool you, though -- while it looks like a regular Thanksgiving dinner, it probably isn't, given who's serving the turkey.

Deadpool 2 comes to theaters on June 1, 2018. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beets, TJ Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapicic, Leslie Uggams, Jack Kesy, Karan Soni, and Eddie Marsan.

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