The Deadpool 2 Joke Too Obscure to Include in the Final Cut

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despite being jam-packed with pop culture references that range from mainstream to oh-so-niche, there was one deadpool 2 joke that just couldn't make it into the final cut because it was too obscure -- at least, according to star, producer and co-writer ryan reynolds.

speaking on the commentary track for the home video release of deadpool 2, co-writers paul wernick and rhett reese remark on the scrapped joke about pga championship winner davis love iii.

wernick: but the pop culture reference we couldn’t get over the plate, that rhett reese still bemoans...

reese: i wanted to do a davis love iii [joke].

reynolds: you got it into some of the promo stuff, though.

“i tried to make that argument to ryan reynolds over the davis love iii joke but he just wouldn’t go for it,” reese told uproxx. “he just wouldn’t put that joke in.”

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“[deadpool] was talking about peter and says, ‘you’ve done more for dockers than anyone since davis love iii,’” reese said.

clearly, reynolds doesn't think the pro golfer was worth the jab...

directed by david leitch, deadpool 2 stars ryan reynolds, brianna hildebrand, leslie uggams, stefan kapičić, and karan soni, with newcomers zazie beetz, josh brolin, and julian dennison. the film is available now on digital hd and will be released on august 21 on blu-ray.

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