Deadpool 2 Trailer Reveals a Different Twist on X-Force's Origin

Gather your best group of morally ambiguous mutants and strap on some matching costumes, because X-Force is coming to town in Deadpool 2!

Earlier today, a new trailer for the merc with a mouth's highly-anticipated sequel debuted, showcasing a bunch of new footage. Not only does it give us an idea of the movie's story, scope, humor and impressive set pieces, it also confirmed that Wade's ragtag team, which we saw in the previous trailer, is X-Force.

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Sure, Deadpool 2's first trailer debuted the group as they flanked Wade and Domino aboard a helicopter, a scene repeated in this footage, but we had zero context. Was it X-force, or could it be the group known as The Six Pack? Now, we know that Wade Wilson puts the team together, and he himself comes up with its "derivative" name.

Which is cool and all, but it's also a very, very different X-Force origin from the one seen in the comics.

X-Force line-up

The X-Force team made its first appearance in 1991's New Mutants #100, the final issue of the long-running series, a co-creation of Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, before being launched into their own series, X-Force, the first issue of which sold a record 5 million copies. In the comics, the team was created by the time-traveling mutant Cable, who is being played in Deadpool 2 by Josh Brolin. At the time, Cable, aka Nathan Summers, was heading the New Mutants, but when the group disbanded in issue #100, Summers decided to put a new team together, re-branding them as X-Force.

This team is considered a strike force, a black ops team of mutants that does what the X-Men can't, or won't. They are more lethal, and they don't wait for trouble to find them, opting instead to act proactively. Originally, Cable's team was comprised of Domino, Warpath, Cannonball and Shatterstar, but it would come to include much bigger-named mutants in its ranks in its later iterations, like Wolverine, Deadpool, Archangel and Psylocke.

However, Deadpool 2 offers a different origin for X-Force, one that is designed to fit in more organically into the movie's particular universe. Thanks to the film's new trailer, we learn Deadpool, not Cable, puts this team together. As a matter of fact, in another twist, it appears as if the team is assembled to hunt down Cable. As the trailer reveals, Deadpool's mission is to protect a young mutant from Cable, so he assembles a team of mutants who are comfortable operating in a gray area.

Uncanny X-Force

The regeneratin' degenerate's mission clearly goes against the ideals of the X-Men, which is likely why Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead don't flank Deadpool on this team. In that vein, the movie and comic origins of X-Force intersect. This team is designed to be lethal, to do what the X-Men can't (or won't).

It makes sense to give the team a complete overhaul. After all, the New Mutants have yet to appear in any Fox films, so Cannonball is off-limits, and they wouldn't fit into Deadpool's timeline. Since the upcoming New Mutants film will introduce the X-Men students to the screen, the members of Wade's team will consist of some obscure characters instead -- which has us wondering how many of them will actually survive long enough to be part of the upcoming X-Force movie.

Debuting May 18, director David Leitch’s Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular Deadpool, Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, T.J. Miller as Weasel, Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Stefan Kapičić as Colossus, Zazie Beetz as Domino and Josh Brolin as Cable.

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