Deadpool 2 Needs a New Composer as Junkie XL Exits Sequel

In addition to being spandex-deep in the casting process, trying to find a Domino and a Cable to fill out it's roster, Fox's sequel to the financially and critically successful story about the Merc with a Mouth (and a heart) is also looking for a new director.

Tim Miller, the man behind the camera for the original "Deadpool," recently left the production. While the list for a new director is growing, it seems Fox is going to need to make another hire. The composer of the first film, Tom Holkenborg, has decided to walk away from the sequel in a show of support for the recently departed Miller.

Holkenberg, better known as Junkie XL, left a heartfelt message on his Facebook page, informing everyone that he was uncomfortable with the direction of the franchise under a different director. The statement express his appreciation regarding life changes since the release of the film, but a hesitation to continue working with anyone besides Miller making the majority of the creative decisions:

"Since it was revealed that Deadpool's brilliant creative director Tim Miller will not be involved in the project anymore, I have undertaken some soul searching. Tim was the driving force behind Deadpool and me getting involved in this amazing project. Deadpool without Tim at the helm just does not sit right with me and that is why I have decided not to be involved in the second chapter."

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Miller quickly found new work, taking over the live-action adaption of "Sonic the Hedgehog," while Junkie XL will continue scoring films, including Justice League and The Dark Tower.

For "Deadpool 2", it appears that Fox is going all in with Ryan Reynolds, banking on his star power and creative decision making to help make the sequel as successful as the original, which brought in $782.6 million worldwide. One of the rumors circulating is that Miller left over a casting decision regarding Cable, a character promised to fans in the end of the credits scene in "Deadpool" by Reynolds. This cannot be confirmed, but after two high profile departures, the behind the scenes drama is producing plenty of meta-material for a second film and beyond.

"Deadpool 2," starring Ryan Reynolds, is currently scheduled to released January 18, 2018

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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