Deadpool 2 Trailer Analysis Reveals As Many Clues As Jokes

Deadpool 2 trailer

The first full-length trailer arrived this morning for Deadpool 2, delivering plenty of action, humor and profanity -- essentially, the same recipe behind the success of the 2016 original -- while also raising more than a few questions. Unlike so many other trailers for major releases, this one didn't spoil the plot, but it may have dropped some tantalizing clues.

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For instance, we can now formulate some not too-outlandish theories about the reason why Josh Brolin's Cable travels from his dystopian-future timeline, what role Julian Dennison's still-unnamed character plays in the story, and maybe (just maybe) what could motivate Ryan Reyolds' Deadpool to become entangled with them ... and assemble his own team?

Follow along as we call out some of the trailer's key moments, and speculate about the plot of Deadpool 2.

'I Was Born Into War'

Deadpool 2 trailer

Continuing the fine tradition of introducing genre tropes only to immediately subvert them, the trailer opens with a close-up of Josh Brolin's Cable -- well, specifically, his his techno-organic left eye -- and a solemn voiceover hints at his tragic origins. "I was born into war," he intones, "bred into it. ... People think they understand pain, but they have no concept of it."

Viewers who stumble upon the trailer unaware might be excused for mistaking this footage for something from the inevitable next Terminator reboot, if it weren't for the interruption by Ryan Reynolds' Merc with a Mouth about 28 seconds in ...

The Future's NOT So Bright

Deadpool 2 trailer

In case Cable's grim words hadn't begun to paint a picture of a dystopian future, this next shot offers a pretty good idea of his dark alternate reality, as he gazes out of what was once the wall of a building. Spotlights shine down from above, searching for something -- someone -- possibly Cable himself.

There's That Teddy Bear Again

Deadpool 2 trailer

If there remained any doubts that Deadpool 2 will somehow incorporate Hope Summers, the young mutant upon whose shoulders rests the future of mutankind, this lingering shot of a charred teddy bear attached to Cable's belt would seem to dismiss them. Not that filmmakers have been shy about dropping hits: After all, "HOPE" graffiti was spotted in Deadpool's Logan teaser, and the bear made an appearance in an early official photo of Brolin in Cable costume and makeup.

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In Marvel Comics lore, Hope Summers was the first mutant born after the Scarlet Witch uttered the words “No More Mutants" in 2005, a move that magically reduced the world's mutant population to 198. Cable rescued the newborn Hope from the mutant-hating Purifiers, jumped through time, and then raised her as his own as they moved across different eras. As Hope grew up, she was hunted by another mutant, Bishop, who believed her existence would herald an even worse fate for mutantkind.

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