25 Memes Only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

deadpool 2 memes

If there is any movie -- comic book adaptation or otherwise -- that was ripe for memes, it is clearly Deadpool 2. The movie, much like the comic book antihero it features, is self-referential and is almost a two-hour live-action meme on its own. The R-rated Marvel movie from Fox also didn't disappoint, taking the humor and violence of the first one and delivering even bigger laughs and inside jokes than the original managed to pull off. Deadpool 2 was able to knock Avengers: Infinity War off the top of the box office pedestal and had made over $487 million worldwide following into its second full weekend in theaters.

As expected, the fans of Deadpool 2 did not let the movie down -- showing up to support it in theaters and then going home and making some great memes full of inside jokes caught in the movie. With Deadpool holding nothing back as he raced through his second movie, cutting loose on anything and everything that crossed his demented mind, there were plenty for fans to mine when putting together their Deadpool 2 memes. From the opening credit sequence to the post-credit scenes, here is a look at the 25 best memes that only the people who have seen Deadpool 2 will get.

There are major spoilers for Deadpool 2 in this article.

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25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get
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25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

The first Deadpool movie had a great opening sequence with the battle on the freeway playing out in reverse and in slow-motion, as the Juice Newton song "Angel of the Morning" played. The opening credits were also humorous, not giving any names but mocking everyone in the cast and crew. When it came to Deadpool 2, the entire idea of mocking opening credits continued and as this meme makes clear, the entire joke was that Deadpool 2 was making its own version of the iconic James Bond opening credit sequences.

The movie threw in everything, from aiming the gun into the camera to the backlit and silhouetted shots of Deadpool, such as the bullets falling onto the chair-dancing Deadpool in this meme shows (even though it's a direct reference to Flashdance). Not only that, but the song chosen for the opening credits was a perfect match for the types of songs that the James Bond producers go with and it was just a perfectly self-referential movie moment in a film that was about to fire them at the audience in a hail of bullets. Add in the fact that they got Celine Dion of all people to perform the song, and it was perfection -- but more on that in the next meme.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

If Celine Dion is known for anything, it is her theme song from the movie Titanic -- "My Heart Will Go On" -- possibly one of the most overplayed songs of the '90s. It makes sense that someone would try to make a meme linking Titanic to Deadpool 2, and here it is. The quote in the meme is not exact but is from Deadpool himself -- something he said in the first movie. Of course, here they add that Dopinder -- the hapless cab driver -- it happy now too, and it isn't just Deadpool who is "living the life" (although Deadpool's happiness was fleeting as the fans of Deadpool 2 saw).

But, back to Celine Dion. The song in the movie that plays over the James Bond-styled opening credits is called "Ashes" by Dion, and much like "Angel of the Morning," it does not fit in with the theme (or the shots in the opening credits) at all. Fans have to give Dion some credit though. She actually shot a music video for the song, with her singing on an empty stage while Deadpool danced. The music video had a great ending as well, with Deadpool telling the singer that she needed to dial it back. He called her a "10" but said that a song for Deadpool 2 needed to be no better than a "5."


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

If there was anything in Deadpool 2 that the movie aimed its talons at, it was the X-Men universe -- both the comics and movie franchise. It all started with Wolverine. As a matter of fact, Deadpool 2 continues the trend of featuring Logan in every single one of the Fox X-Men movies -- including both Deadpool films. The first movie saw Logan end up on a movie poster as a reference -- along with Deadpool mocking him in the film as well. This time, they took it two steps further.

For this meme, the first reference is all that will be dealt with. In that first reference, Deadpool was complaining that Wolverine died in Logan and Deadpool was not going to let him one-up him when it came to these huge moments. Then, Deadpool has a small music box, with the impaled Logan on it, slowly turning in circles to the music. It was a great send-up of that seminal moment in the last Wolverine film and showed that nothing was off limits this time around. This meme is just another way for Deadpool to mock Wolverine, using a metal detector to try to find his buried body thanks to his adamantium skeleton.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

The first scenes in the movie showed Deadpool on his reign of terror, attacking villains everywhere and killing them all. He did some incredible things, including leaping from a roof through the window of a neighboring building and finished it all off with him slaughtering everyone in a warehouse, except for the main guy he was after (something that would prove tragic for Deadpool later). However, there was also a scene in the middle with Deadpool killing what looked like mafia members at a funeral.

This shot comes from that scene where Deadpool pops up in a casket and starts spraying bullets into the bad guys in the cemetery. The meme ignores the first Deadpool movie and instead plays with the idea that the Wade Wilson that died in X-Men Origins - Wolverine did not regenerate until years later and came back as Deadpool -- the character that most fans hoped they could have seen in that initial Wolverine film. The meme does signify that Ryan Reynolds was able to achieve with his own movie what Fox was unable to accomplish the first time they tried to bring the character to their fans. The scene from Deadpool 2 was pretty funny as well.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

The cab rides with Deadpool and Dopinder were always full of awkward moments. In the first Deadpool movie, Dopinder told Deadpool about his unrequited love and this movie reveals that he went ahead and went through with the revenge against those who wronged him in that movie. Now, with the Deadpool 2 cab rides, Dopinder explains that he wants to be just like Deadpool -- or at least what he thinks that Deadpool is. He wants to be a contract killer, something that has Deadpool exasperated.

Even when Deadpool puts together his X-Force team, Dopinder gets really frustrated when they choose Peter over him. When Deadpool and Dopinder are in the cab early in the movie, Dopinder tries to sell his idea of a partnership with Deadpool by comparing their relationship to the movie Interview with a Vampire. In his always awkward manner, Dopinder admits he wants to be the Kirsten Dunst (Claudia) to Deadpool's Tom Cruise (Lestat). In some very ironic trivia, the other star in that movie was Brad Pitt (Louis), who also happened to have a little something to do with Deadpool 2 when he pops up in a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo as one of the pivotal members of X-Force.

20 MARTHA!!!!

25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

After the entire mess with the botched assassination attempt in the warehouse, Deadpool heads back home to Vanessa, where he is officially late for a date. He starts off by trying to make an excuse that he was late because he was trying to save a large group of children. The original trailers also indicate that there was a cut joke of Deadpool claiming he was shooting all the gluten into space to save people from it. However, the one joke that did remain was when Deadpool said that he was fighting a caped guy only to discover that his mother was also named Martha.

Interestingly, when asked about that joke, Ryan Reynolds said that there was nothing wrong with making fun of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, no matter how rabid the fans of that movie are. As Reynolds said, that was a perfect Deadpool moment and that he was "willing to break a few eggs to make that omelet." This particular meme even revives an old MCU joke by adding it to the Captain America: Civil War memes questioning what started the war, with Deadpool trying to be the voice of reason between Captain America and Iron Man.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

Some of the most popular Deadpool 2 memes revolves around the untold love story between Deadpool and Colossus. This one might be very confusing to anyone who hasn't seen the movie, with some just thinking that it has to do with that one "hand on butt" shot in this particular Deadpool 2 meme. The fact is that the entire love story was carried throughout the movie, with Deadpool showing more than a little affection for the big Russian X-Man. It all started with Colossus showing up and gathering the pieces of a dead Deadpool and helping him return to life in the X-Men mansion.

There was even a moment with Deadpool holding up his tiny mobile phone "boombox" app and playing a song to try to get Colossus to forgive him and return to help fight (this was an homage to Say Anything). There was also a lot of innuendo throughout the movie, mostly by Deadpool, but some by the always disappointed Colossus. When Colossus finally arrives to help Deadpool in the final fight, it was a moment that proved that their love was indeed true. This meme adds one of the most iconic couples in X-Men comic book history with Colossus and Kitty Pryde at the top and the now preferred Colossus and Deadpool pairing below it.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

Shiori Katsuna played a new character in Deadpool 2 and ended up as one of the most important characters when dealing with inclusivity. Katsuna played Yukio -- a character that is not from the X-Men comics, but a member of the team that is also the girlfriend of Negasonic Teenage Warhead -- the first openly gay couple in any superhero movie from Marvel or DC Comics. There were a lot of rumors about who this was, as there was also a character named Yukio in The Wolverine. Others thought she might have been Surge, but the Deadpool writers said she was based on a minor character from the comics who is an assassin.

Much like Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the Deadpool franchise just took the character and changed everything about her -- the most important aspect being her relationship with Negasonic. However. This meme takes into account her bubbly relationship with Deadpool, as she is always happily saying "Hi Wade" when she sees him and Deadpool seems to like her better than anyone else, greeting her back, much to the chagrin of Negasonic. This meme puts Yukio into the scene from the cult classic The Room, where Johnny walks out onto a roof screaming that he didn't hit his girl, only to look over and randomly say, "Oh, Hi Mark."


When Josh Brolin signed on with Marvel to play Thanos and then signed on with Fox to play Cable, it seemed like a no-brainer that Deadpool 2 would have something to say about it. Brolin had worked for years to try to get a successful comic book movie franchise. He started out with a huge financial flop with DC Comics Jonah Hex and then hit everything from the remake of Old Boy to the sequels to both Sin City and Men in Black. However, he finally knocked it out of the park with not one, but two great comic book roles, both in the same year!

First up, Brolin appeared in Avengers: Infinity War and wiped out half the universe as one of the most dominating bad guys to ever step foot into a Marvel movie -- MCU or otherwise. After that, Brolin took on an iconic antihero in Cable and delivered a pitch-perfect performance playing off the sarcasm of Ryan Reynolds Deadpool in a way that made him an instant fan favorite. To add icing to this delicious cake, Deadpool couldn't let his winking fourth-wall-breaking comments go and he had to call Cable by the name "Thanos" at least once in Deadpool 2.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

Not all of the jokes in Deadpool 2 hit and there were a little too many puns thrown at the audience. This fake movie poster Deadpool 2 meme refers to the moment where Dopinder is driving Deadpool around and makes it clear that he is serious about wanting to be part of the team. If he can't be a hired assassin, which was his first dream in this movie, he at least wants to be part of X-Force. Deadpool, knowing that Dopinder will likely end up dead if he sets out to help them fight the villains calls him "Brown Panther" -- breaking that fourth wall by once again letting fans know that he either lives in the same universe as the MCU or that he has at least seen those movies.

Deadpool also later calls Domino the "Black Black Widow" and also tells Cable, "I am Batman," when he asks who he is. There was also a Winter Soldier comment about Cable's mechanical arm. Add in the already mentioned references to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and a line where he asks Cable if he should be in a DC Comics movie because he is dark and edgy, and it is clear that Wade Wilson watches a lot of movies when he isn't out killing bad guys.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

This was one of the promotional posters that popped up online during the phenomenal promotional campaign for Deadpool 2 -- but without the words. Those words were added to make this meme fit in with an interesting bit of trivia that Deadpool actually talked about in his own movie. Honestly, it is things like this that makes Deadpool 2 feel like you are watching an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 -- an R-rated version of course. That is what the joke is about as well -- R-rated movies at the box office.

In the movie, Deadpool makes a comment that causes someone to ask if he just referred to himself as Jesus. Deadpool then breaks that fourth wall again and informs them that the first Deadpool movie did come in second place to The Passion of the Christ, and then decided to just go all in. He wasn't happy with just coming in second place, so he mentioned that his first movie also beat Passion of the Christ worldwide because overseas, "there's no religion." In the U.S., The Passion of the Christ beat Deadpool by $7.7 million, but worldwide, Deadpool made $172 million more, destroying it for the international box office crown.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

Deadpool 2 saw the law enforcement officers using a Mutant Inhibitor Collar. Fans of the TV show The Gifted might recognize these devices, created by Trask Industries to prevent mutants from using their powers. These somehow sense the X-gene in the specific mutant and if they try to use their powers, they get a major shock. They are a little different in Deadpool 2, as the collars actually eliminate all mutant powers completely. The mutants don't get shocked when they try to use their powers -- they just can't use them at all. That was bad news for Deadpool.

Deadpool's mutant powers are healing and regeneration. Without them, the cancer that he had before his mutant abilities surfaced are not there and he will die. Of course, after committing murder in front of the police, the authorities don't care and he is sent to the Ice Box to pretty much die. While there, Russell wants them to work together but Deadpool admits that without his powers, he is no better than Hawkeye. This Deadpool 2 meme adds the lack of respect for Hawkeye to the original Captain America and Iron Man monologue that was ripe for memes a few years back.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

As mentioned earlier, when Josh Brolin's Cable was battling Deadpool -- and later working beside him -- the Merc with a Mouth had no problem using fourth wall insults to the time traveler. He called him Thanos at one point, which was nuts since that was so current that Deadpool 2 actually knocked Avengers: Infinity War from the top of the box office charts -- meaning Josh Brolin played a major role in the top two movies in the world at the same time.

Of course, Brolin has enjoyed a long acting career, playing everyone from the Mad Titan to the son of Cyclops to former President George W. Bush. The first movie that Brolin ever appeared in, and the role that made him famous from the start, was Goonies, where he played Brand -- the older brother of Sean Astin's Mikey. Deadpool wasn't going to let that one slip by and actually called Cable "One-Eyed Willie" because of the glowing eye. That also happens to be the name of the pirate whose treasure the kids in Goonies were searching for. It is slightly surprising not to use any of the older Brolin comic book movies as canon-fodder -- especially with Jonah Hex an obvious and easy target.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

Not much was known about the members of X-Force before the movie hit theaters. There were the scenes that showed the members of the team on an airplane ready to jump into action, with parachutes on their backs. With that said, there were at least three of the heroes that were known -- at least by name. Terry Crews signed on to Deadpool 2 to play Bedlam. The breakout character in the movie was Domino, played by Zazie Beetz. There were four more members of X-Force, with the only other one being Zeitgeist -- played by Bill Skarsgård.

While only shown briefly in the trailers, the look of Bill Skarsgård's character revealed it was Zeitgeist -- mostly thanks to the familiar mouth covering. The powers of Zeitgeist is to vomit acid, an interesting ability that makes some wonder how it can be used in an actual battle. It turned out that never came into concern in Deadpool 2, although the effects of his powers were shown in gruesome detail. This meme references the last major blockbuster that Skarsgård appeared in -- as the killer clown Pennywise in Stephen King's It. As these memes prove, there were plenty of jokes based on past movies, even with the most dispensable characters.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

Possibly the best member of the entire X-Force team outside of Domino was Peter. Why was Peter so great? Well, the reason is that he has no superpowers and was just there because the job sounded interesting -- besides, he wasn't doing anything else. The other members of X-Force had powers and were from the comics, including Domino, Zeitgeist, Shatterstar, Bedlam and Vanisher. However, other than Domino and Deadpool, none of the superpowered heroes stood a chance against high winds, except surprisingly Peter. He landed and was good to go until he met his end at the hand (or mouth) of a vomiting Zeitgeist.

While he had no powers, it was Peter that has stuck in the fans' minds more than the other more powerful, yet also more expendable members of X-Force. This meme takes the old Justice League meme where Alfred sees Superman come into the room and tells him that he hopes he is not too late to help the Justice League beat Steppenwolf, but switches it to Peter, who is the last person in the world that anyone would think would be the man to save the day. Peter even took on a life of his own with his own Twitter account.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

When Deadpool is on the plane with his highly trained team of X-Force, they are getting ready to jump into action and try to save Russell as the police transfer him from the Ice Box. They are sitting there waiting and Deadpool starts to give them an entire speech to pump them up and get them ready for battle. He then says that they are not the X-Men, they are something different. They are X-Force. As he says that, he crosses his arms over his chest to signify an X.

This gets a strange look from Domino who seems flabbergasted that Deadpool suggested this, asking if it isn't a little derivative. Deadpool responds that she is absolutely right. However, it isn't just the name X-Force that is derivative. The fact that he crosses his arms when rallying his team into battle reminds people of another battle cry. That is the exact same arm motion that Black Panther uses when he rallies his troops into battle before yelling "Wakanda Forever." This Deadpool 2 meme just slams home the fact that Deadpool learned everything he needed to know about superhero battles from watching the movies -- along with more than half of his other puns and insults in the movie.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

There is one spot in Deadpool 2 where Deadpool makes fun of the famed superhero landing that is easily mocked in movies. For those who don't know, the superhero landing is when a hero (or villain) leaps down into the street and lands with one hand on the ground as well as one knee kneeling and an arched back. Think about someone like Superman or Iron Man landing in a movie and that is pretty spot on. Deadpool even made fun of this in the first movie when Angel Dust leapt down before fighting Colossus in the movie. He even says it is "impractical" and "hard on your knees" but "they all do it."

That made the fact that Deadpool did it himself in Deadpool 2 ridiculous -- especially since when he landed he yelled out in pain and let everyone know how much the superhero landing actually hurts. Of course, that took place at the Essex House and this meme is not the superhero landing but is, in fact, a much more compromising landing and one that no superhero other than Deadpool would get excited after ending up in. These are the moments that make his pairing with the uptight Cable so fun.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

Now, we are getting into the biggest spoiler in the movie. When Deadpool and Domino finally reach the transport truck to save Russell, they had no idea that the boy was already starting to go full-on supervillain and doing what Wade Wilson told him to do. When they were in the Ice Box together, and Deadpool had given up, he told Russell to find the biggest and baddest man in the prison and become friends with him. Russell did that and the biggest and baddest man in the prison turned out to be The Juggernaut.

When the transport truck crashed, and Juggernaut came out with Russell, Deadpool became a giddy little school girl. He told Juggernaut how he was his biggest fan and thought he was the best character from the X-Men comics. However, when Deadpool saw that Juggernaut was coming for a fight, he told the big man that the sun was getting real low. Of course, this is the same line that Black Widow used to calm The Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor tried to use in Thor: Ragnarok. It worked out as well for Deadpool as it did for Thor in the gladiatorial ring on Sakaar.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

Sticking with the appearance of Juggernaut, Deadpool 2 delivered the perfect adaptation of the big man in a movie yet. The only other time Juggernaut appeared was in X-Men: The Last Stand with Vinnie Jones wearing his... odd attire. That appearance alone caused a hundred memes making fun of the character. This time around, the Juggernaut was 100-percent CGI and he walked right up, lifted Deadpool into the air and ripped him in half, tossing the legs in one direction and the upper torso in the other, before leaving with Russell to attack the Essex House.

Domino grabbed both halves and took Deadpool back home to heal up. So, what does this Deadpool 2 meme really mean? While Juggernaut was complete CGI, he still spoke and there was an actor who was delivering the lines -- almost all ad-libbed. So, who is best to ad-lib lines for a Deadpool movie? Yep, Ryan Reynolds was the voice of The Juggernaut, and in a scene reminiscent of Benedict Cumberbatch voicing Dormammu and battling his own Doctor Strange, Reynolds voiced Juggernaut as he ripped Deadpool in half. Reynolds also motion captured the face of Juggernaut, who surprisingly admitted in the movie that he was Professor X's brother.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

After Juggernaut ripped Deadpool in half, the hero needed a place to rest and recover. Remember at the beginning of the movie, Deadpool blew himself up and Colossus took him back to the X-Men mansion to heal up. The movie then cut to Reynolds waking up on the couch and being back to normal -- but it never showed how that happened. After the Juggernaut fight, Deadpool was back at Blind Al's sitting on the couch with her. Domino was there and Weasel showed up, saying this had happened before. Then Cable showed up and Blind Al was the only one rescued from the horrors of Deadpool's legs growing back -- which at the time were still little baby legs.

Right after the movie came out, Deadpool 2 memes started to pop up online with the tag saying "Deadwood 2 spoiler without context." One of those was a My Little Pony meme with Flutterface saying "Hi Wade" in reference to the pink-haired Yukio always being happy to see Deadpool. Another was this great meme from Rick and Morty that shows the baby legs, albeit thankfully with a diaper, whereas Deadpool was letting it all hang out as he struck a deal to finally help Cable -- once his real legs grew back out.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

Ever since the first movie, Deadpool has had too much fun making jokes about the mutant no one had ever heard of -- Negasonic Teenage Warhead. In the first Deadpool movie, he called her Ripley from Alien 3. He also called her "Sinead O'Connor 1990." He doesn't let up too much in Deadpool 2, although it is to the credit of the movie that he never takes a shot at her sexuality and seems more than happy to see her relationship with Yukio. He actually develops a friendly relationship with the girlfriend of Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

However, he never let up on the young X-Men member other than that. There was a great moment where Russell told Deadpool to stay back or Justin Bieber dies, which cracked Deadpool up to hear him say that about Negasonic. However, the best pun was when Deadpool decided to nickname Negasonic Teenage Warhead "Eleven," which was the name of one of the main characters from Stranger Things. Both characters have short haircuts and both have serious problems relating to other people. Interestingly, the Negasonic character from the comics didn't have the explosive powers of her movie counterpart, but instead had telepathic powers -- something that Eleven possesses as well.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

When it comes to breaking the fourth wall, no one does it better than Deadpool and that makes this meme even better. When it comes to being self-referential, Deadpool is able to joke about his own absurdity, make fun of the man who created X-Force by saying that the guy can't draw feet, poke fun at other movies (like Batman V Superman and his own X-Men Origins - Wolverine appearance), and rattle off puns like a machine gun. So, when Deadpool is in a movie, there is no reason not to expect a ton of memes.

The idea that Deadpool knows this and realizes that he himself is trapped in a meme is self-referential, which makes it possibly the perfect Deadpool 2 meme. Referring to the meme makers as "nerds" is also something that Deadpool would clearly say -- in possibly his own loving manner. Whether he is making fun of other movies, ripping on the actors and filmmakers involved in making his movie, or making fun of Ryan Reynolds' career, Deadpool is a walking, talking meme. In this case, he just happened to realize that he was, in fact, trapped in a meme that he had nothing to do with.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

Peter is the hero that is so great that he gets two entries on the Deadpool 2 memes countdown. As mentioned in the first one concerning Peter, he was the only member of the X-Force team who didn't have powers and the only one who actually landed on his feet after parachuting out of the plane. Even Deadpool got hung up on a sign and Domino ended up on a bouncy pad, but it was the powerless Peter than ended up on his feet and ready for action. Sadly, he then watched Zeitgeist end up in a woodchipper, where he then realized he was being eaten alive and vomited acid onto Peter -- killing him as well.

With all the members of X-Force dying except for Deadpool and Domino, it was curious that when the Merc with a Mouth had a chance to go back in time to save anyone, he left Zeitgeist, Shatterstar, Bedlam and Vanisher all dead but made sure to tell Peter to go home, saving his life. This Deadpool 2 meme made a fake movie poster that featured a spin-off film for the now popular Peter, made by the producers of Deadpool and How I Met Your Mother.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

The mid-credit scene for Deadpool 2 doesn't promote any upcoming Fox X-Men movies but it might be the most entertaining post-credit scene following any superhero movie. It was so great, the last two Deadpool 2 memes on this list are based on that one scene. Of course, in the scene, Deadpool is at the X-Men mansion and has asked Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio to help him with something. In what remains inexplicable, while Cable can't seem to make his time travel device work more than once (and wasted his one chance in order to save Deadpool's life), a teenage mutant is able to fix it, although she realizes she might regret that action.

Deadpool then heads back in time to save Vanessa from her death (which feels like a huge cheat considering how it affected him) and then to save Peter from his death (which made more sense). However, he then went back further and Hugh Jackman made his only live-action appearance in a Deadpool movie as he prepared to fight Weapon XI in X-Men Origins - Wolverine. Deadpool then walks up to Weapon XI (who was Wade Wilson before he was Deadpool) and fires bullets into him, killing him and ending that movie before it really went off the rails.


25 Memes only People Who Have Seen Deadpool 2 Will Get

After Deadpool kills Weapon XI, ensuring that the complete misuse of the Wade Wilson character ended quickly, he had one more travel back in time to fix a mistake. Ryan Reynolds has always taken the time to poke fun at himself in the Deadpool movies. Anyone who knows Reynolds knows that he is a comic book fan and wanted to create great comic book films out of the ones he starred in. Before Deadpool, Reynolds got a chance to star as Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity and even in R.I.P.D., based on a comic book published by Dark Horse.

However, the biggest failure for Reynolds in his comic book movie career wasn't X-Men Origins - Wolverine or Blade: Trinity. It was the 2011 DC Comics film Green Lantern, which at the time was supposed to kickstart the DC Extended Universe. That movie was a universal failure, rated 26-percent rotten on Rotten Tomatoes and bringing in only $219 million worldwide on a $200 million budget. The last thing Deadpool did with his time travel device, and the genesis of this Deadpool 2 meme, was to travel back and kill Ryan Reynolds after he finished reading the Green Lantern script to prevent the movie from ever happening.

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