Deadpool 2 Concept Art Reveals Early Juggernaut Design

juggernaut in deadpool 2

Juggernaut's appearance in Deadpool 2 was a massive surprise, both literally and figuratively, with the classic X-Men foe sporting his signature helmet, albeit in a different color, and newly acquired prison attire. Despite those cosmetic changes, the villain remained true to his comic book roots, delivering fan service with a brawl with Colossus, and even ripping Deadpool in half.

Now, newly released concept art by Alexander Lozano shows an early design for Juggernaut with a more comics-faithful color scheme and costume.

JUGGERNAUT! ...character design for the tim miller version of deadpool 2 (1/5). #Juggernaut #AlexanderLozano #Marvel

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In addition to the colors being more comics-accurate, it also looks like Juggernaut had enormous gauntlets, which could've spelled even more trouble for Colossus. While this version of Juggernaut does look more imposing, the rip on his pants makes it clear he could've suffered the same defeat in Deadpool 2.

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Voiced by Ryan Reynolds, Juggernaut survived in Deadpool 2 (he's seen getting out of the pool as the team walks away), so it's certainly possible he could make a return to the franchise.

Directed by David Leitch, Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds, Brianna Hildebrand, Leslie Uggams, Stefan Kapičić, and Karan Soni, with newcomers Zazie Beetz, Josh Brolin, and Julian Dennison. The film is available now on digital HD and will be released Aug. 21 on Blu-ray and DVD.

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