Will Deadpool 2 Introduce Hope Summers?

The Ryan Reynolds-starring Deadpool movie took just about everyone by surprise when it became an instant hit in early 2016. With a colorful leading character that checked all the boxes on a list of the most inappropriate superhero ever, the film turned its relatively meager budget into a recipe for a record breaking office and gave us a new (horrid, old avocado-like) face to lead Fox's X-Men franchise after Hugh Jackman's departure from the Wolverine role.

The simple backdrop of a revenge and love story proved just the right note to introduce this most outlandish character to unassuming audiences. But now, every fan is looking at next year's upcoming sequel, currently known as Deadpool 2, to delve deeper into the comic book lore of the character.

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One of the most classic and important aspects of Deadpool's story (aside from his snarky humor, his red and black outfit, his penchant for breaking the fourth wall, his love of all things tacos and chimichangas, his big mouth, his guns, his grenades, his swords and his pouches) is his friendship-slash-rivalry-slash-bromance with Nathan Summers, aka Cable. A fellow X-Man, Cable's story is far from simple. Having been raised in the future, he is the grown-up son of Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, and Madelyne Pryor, aka the clone of Jean Grey (long story). A time-traveler who favors extremely large weaponry, Cable is the straight man to Deadpool's crazy, and a brother-in-arms when it comes to throwing down against villains. Both of them are fighters, in short -- survivors.

Cable was first mentioned in Deadpool's very own after-credits scene, and the teases didn't stop there. To the surprise of almost everyone, a secret teaser to Deadpool 2 was released as a preamble to James Mangold and Hugh Jackman's Logan. The teaser, while big on laughs, did in fact hint at some aspects of the Merc with a Mouth's sequel; graffiti on the telephone booth Wade was changing in essentially confirmed that Nathan Summers would be in the film (this was before Josh Brolin was officially cast as the time-traveling mutant).

There was another teaser hidden there as well -- on the far side of the telephone boot we saw one word, underlined twice: Hope. Sure, to most audience members, that didn't mean much. It could have just been dismissed as a message not to give up hope that the movie was coming, or that Cable would be cast.

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