Deadpool 2 Final Trailer's Best Moments & Biggest Questions

deadpool 2 final trailer

The third and final trailer for Deadpool 2 arrived this morning, setting up the mission, introducing most of Wade Wilson's new team, and calling into question whether Domino's luck is actually a superpower. (Spoiler: It's not, according to Deadpool.)

But the new footage also officially names the X-Force members played by Terry Crews and Lewis Tan, gives Colossus some much-need screen time, raises a question about a potential villain, and gets in a couple of digs at Josh Brolin's filmography. And, oh, have you met Peter yet? You will.

We break down the best moments, and biggest questions, of the Deadpool 2 trailer below.

You All Know the Drill ...

deadpool 2 final trailer

Leave it to the Deadpool franchise to open its final trailer with a relatively straightforward setup for action/superhero movie, with the key players oh-so-seriously setting up as they, and the audience, are informed of the mission ... and then to immediately undercut that with the Wade Wilson fans know and love.

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However, this sequence does deliver some key information, with our first look at the exterior of the mutant detention center in which Julian Dennison's fiery young character Russell is presumably held, at least at some point. We're still unclear on the sequence, or even the timelines, of the events. Are the scenes of Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson in a yellow inmate jumpsuit from Cable's future, or are they part of the plan in the present to spring Russell? We're still betting on the former.

Wait, Who Are Those Guys?

deadpool 2 final trailer

Deadpool's thumbs-up is presumably directed at the helicopter pilot, but given the merc's fourth wall-breaking tendencies, it could just as easily be to the audience. The shot gives us another look at Bill Skarsgard's character, who appears to be Zeitgeist from Peter Milligan and Michael Allred's X-Force run, and introduces us, although not yet by name, to a very nervous Peter, whom we think is played by actor-comedian Rob Delaney (more on him later). Of course that's Zazie Beetz's Domino in the background.

With Deadpool's command of "Hit it!," the music starts and the Marvel and Fox logos appear, signaling the shift to the type of trailer everyone anticipated.

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