Concept Art Reveals Fantastic Four Reunion Originally Planned for Deadpool 2

Over the past few days, concept artist Alexander Lozano has revealed concept artwork from director Tim Miller's version of Deadpool 2. Miller, who had directed 2016's Deadpool, was working on the sequel until creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds resulted in the director leaving the project, opening the door for David Leitch to take over the project.

These pieces of concept art featured comics-accurate look for both Cable and Domino, as well as the movie's villain, the Juggernaut. Today, Lozano revealed even more about information about Tim Miller's scrapped version of Deadpool 2 by sharing more concept art. What is most surprising about these new images is that they confirm something no one knew about until now: the Fantastic Four would have been a part of the film.

As we can see from Lozano's four Instagram posts, Miller's Deadpool sequel would have seen the return of the cast of Josh Trank's 2015 film, Fantastic Four.

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The concept artwork shows that the super-family would have returned with entirely new costumes: Kate Mara's Susan Storm and Miles Teller's Reed Richards would have worn faithful yet modern, tactical versions of the Fantastic Four comic book uniform.

What's more, Michael B. Jordan's Johnny Storm would have sported a costume that mixes both the classic blue color of the team with red highlights, to showcase his flame powers.

Finally, Jamie Bell's Ben Grimm would have returned to the screen with a sleeveless tactical combo and cigar that would have made him an instant scene-stealer.

It's unclear what type of role Marvel's first family would have had in Tim Miller's Deadpool 2. Lozano doesn't reveal how big a presence the Fantastic Four would have had in the film, but it's safe to say that if the artwork was done early on, it means they would have had a considerable appearance.

Josh Trank's Fantastic Four film hit theaters in 2015, with the hopes of rekindling interest in the cinematic future of the franchise. However, extensive re-shoots led to a subpar performance at the box-office, and plans for a sequel were all but dropped. However, it now appears as if there was a time when 20th Century Fox was still interested in having the super-team around -- as well as planting seeds for a shared cinematic universe.

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Directed by David Leitch, Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds, Brianna Hildebrand, Leslie Uggams, Stefan Kapičić, and Karan Soni, with newcomers Zazie Beetz, Josh Brolin, and Julian Dennison. The film is available now on digital HD and will be released on August 21 on Blu-ray.

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