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Domino: The Deadpool 2 Co-Star’s Tangled Comic History

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Domino: The Deadpool 2 Co-Star’s Tangled Comic History

With Domino now not only confirmed to be appearing in “Deadpool 2,” as “Atlanta” star Zazie Beetz has been officially cast in the role, CBR thought it would be a good time to fill you all in on the character’s long and tangled comic book history. So tangled, in fact that she’s the only comic book character who actually debuted a year after her comic book debut.

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Naturally, you might be wondering how in the world such a statement could be accurate. Well, it’s all in the details, of course. Domino seemed to make her first appearance in “New Mutants” #98 (by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza) along with Marvel’s hottest star, Deadpool and… some guy named Gideon.

Her actual first scene in the comic was stabbing Deadpool in the back with a bunch of knives, saving him from kicking the collective ass of Cable and the New Mutants. (By the way, while Sunspot does know how to speak Spanish, it’s still odd for a Brazilian character to be saying “Dios mio” like that…)

This was when Cable was in the process of transforming the New Mutants into a paramilitary strike force (“New Mutants” would end two issues later and relaunch as “X-Force”), so he needed another experienced soldier to help him lead his new recruits. This was the role that Domino managed in the first 10 issues or so of “X-Force.” We also learned through a flashback in “X-Force” #8 that Domino and Cable were once part of a team of mercenaries known as the Six Pack (first they were the Wild Pack, but likely someone at Marvel noted that Silver Sable had dibs on that name, and in fact, a “Silver Sable and the Wild Pack” ongoing series would launch soon afterwards). “X-Force” #8 was important for another reason, though. The flashbacks in that issue showing Domino with Cable? Those were the actual first appearance of Domino, because “X-Force” #11 (by Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza, Mark Pacella and Dan Panosian) revealed that the Domino that we had seen since “New Mutants” #98 was not the real Domino, but a shapeshifting impostor and that the real Domino has been held captive the entire time!

Once Cable heard that news, he helped her escape. They went in different directions during her escape, though, and the last thing he said to her was to go find X-Force. She agreed, but she had no idea where to find X-Force. She teamed back up with some of her old Six Pack friends and they had two missions. One, find X-Force and two, hunt down Copycat, the woman who impersonated Domino. Annoyingly for Domino, when they found Copycat, she knew where X-Force was, so Domino had to let her live.

Domino caught up with X-Force and Cable and finally, thirty issues into “X-Force,” Domino was an actual member of the team, taking over the deputy leader role. She maintained that role for quite a while, and really, with Cable off in his own book going on adventures all of the time, Domino was becoming more and more the main leader of X-Force. During this time, Domino and Cable also began to explore a romantic relationship, but that eventually ended.

As she became more of a consistent part of the team, we also began to learn more about Domino and her luck powers, which work in an interesting way – she has the ability to essentially telekinetically move things so that they don’t hit her while also forcing her body to move out of the way of the objects, as well.

This is how she can survive explosions, as her body contorts and the field moves the force of the explosion and the shrapnel out of her way. This only works if she actively tries to get out of the way, though. If she just stands still, she will get hit like anyone else.

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After “X-Force” ended (by the time it ended, it was a black ops team again, with Domino as the coordinator/mission leader), Domino went to work for Professor X’s X-Corps. Domino’s branch of the X-Corps was the one that first led to the X-Men meeting “Xorn” (who turned out to be Magneto in disguise). Domino then went back to work as a mercenary. When she found out that Cable was attempting a coup in a small country that had been taken over by the Flag-Smasher, she began to investigate. She figured out that Cable planned to have Deadpool assassinate Flag-Smasher, so she just did it for them, figuring that Cable couldn’t handle such a burden (as it turned out, Deadpool was only intended to wound Flag-Smasher). However, once Cable was in charge, Domino feared that she had made a mistake, so broke into Cable’s home and considered killing Cable herself.

Ultimately, though, Cable won her over with his approach to the new country and Domino returned to him and they pursed another romantic relationship. Sadly, that ended when Cable was seemingly killed.

When Cyclops reformed X-Force as a new black ops team working secretly for him, Domino ultimately joined that team. She and Wolverine had a bit of a “friends with benefits” thing going on at this time. This even led to her and Wolverine sharing a “Sex and Violence” miniseries.

Once X-Force fell apart when the other X-Men found out about Cyclops’ secret murder squad, Domino remained with the X-Men, serving on a security force for the X-Men home on Utopia that was pretty darn similar to what she was already doing on X-Force. After the events of “Avengers vs. X-Men” led to Utopia ending, Domino ended up on a newly formed X-Force with Cable, Doctor Nemesis, Forge and Colossus. She began a romantic relationship with Colossus in this new team.

(No offense to the Colossus/Domino pairing, which was fine enough, but man, does she really have to get into a new relationship with a teammate every time she joins a new team?)

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After that X-Force team fell apart, as well, Domino fell back to mercenary work again. She actually ended up taking over control of Deadpool’s “Mercs for Money” group with her new team of mercenaries including Gorilla-Man, Hit-Monkey, Machine Man and Masacre. She also helped free Negasonic Teenage Warhead. That book is ending soon, though, as Domino is set to join a new team of mutants that are trying to defeat a newly reformed Weapon X that is intent on killing all mutants. That will take place in the new ongoing series “Weapon X.” Domino’s profile is getting rather large again just at the right time for her upcoming film debut!

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