Deadpool 2 Director Search Adds Two More Candidates

Although a previous report suggested Fox had "found its man" to replace Tim Miller as director of the "Deadpool" sequel, it looks as if the search is not over yet.

Deadline concurs that "John Wick" co-director David Leitch is believed to be the front-runner for the job, but adds that the studio is still meeting with potential candidates, including Drew Goddard ("The Cabin in the Woods") and Magnus Martens ("Luke Cage," "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.").

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It was only a week ago that news broke that Miller had dropped out of the "Deadpool" sequel, reportedly due to creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds, who had been given casting approval and more creative control in a renegotiated deal. A visual effects wizard turned director, Miller was a key creative force in the first film, which earned $782.6 million worldwide to become Fox's top-grossing X-Men film.

A veteran stuntman, stunt coordinator and second unit director, Leitch's breakout came with the 2014 Keanu Reeves action thriller "John Wick," which he directed with Chad Stahelski. Leitch returns as a producer, but not a director, for the sequel, and instead will helm the spiy thriller "The Coldest City," based on the graphic novel by Antony Johnston and Sam Hart.

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Goddard is a bit of a strange case. A writer of films such as “Cloverfield," “The Cabin in the Woods," “World War Z”, and “The Martian," he was set to direct the “Amazing Spider-Man” spinoff “Sinister Six" before the franchise plans were shaken up by the deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios.

Magnus Martens, the clear dark horsee, isn’t exactly known beyond his television work. He’s directed episodes of “Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," “Luke Cage," “12 Monkeys” and “Banshee,” but hasn’t done much big-screen work beyond the Norwegian film “Jackpot."

Although Leitch is widely considered a favorite, it's hard to say which filmmaker Fox will settle on for the highly anticipated "Deadpool" sequel. However, the studio may be looking for someone they can keep on for future films. After all, following the success of “Deadpool," Fox quickly gave Miller the keys to another franchise potential franchise, “Influx."

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