Cable & Deadpool Are the Best Superhero Movie Besties


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Deadpool 2, in theaters now.

When Fox announced it was adding Cable (Josh Brolin) to Deadpool 2, longtime Marvel Comics fans were definitely excited, but also very curious as to the approach the studio would be taking to his and Wade Wilson's relationship. 2016's Deadpool painted Deadpool's (Ryan Reynolds) origin story as a gory action-comedy, but with Cable in the mix, given his gritty nature, some fans were concerned the sequel might take a more serious tone.

Thankfully, new director David Leitch finds a way to integrate the time-traveling soldier seamlessly into Deadpool's life, as both heroes eventually join forces to prevent a young pyrokinetic mutant, Russell (Julian Dennison), from turning into the villain known as Firefist. What ensues is a buddy flick which comes pretty close to what's been depicted in the comics, a story where, whether Cable likes it or not, they're basically best friends who have each other's backs.

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And in the modern realm of comic book films, this is perfectly translated on-screen, shaping Cable and Deadpool as the best superhero movie besties we've seen thus far.

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