Deadly Class: 10 Questions That Will Never Get Answered Now That It’s Cancelled

With the DVD of the complete SYFY series out in stores now, here are 10 questions audiences will always have about Deadly Class now that any hopes of a sophomore season has been officially cancelled. Based on the popular Image Comics title, Deadly Class followed the disillusioned teen, Marcus Lopez Arguello (Benjamin Wadsworth) as he became enrolled in the prestigious academy, King's Dominion. Even though Marcus (Wadsworth) will find other outcasts like himself, there isn't any room to make any long-term friendships here. The education system becomes completely twisted as King's Dominion teaches its own students how to be the best assassin, gangster, and serial killer ever.

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Created by writer Rick Remender (Black Science) and artist Wes Craig (Blackhand Comics), Deadly Class imagines an elite private school where the world's most notorious criminals send their children. Stern in his no-nonsense attitude, Master Lin (Benedict Wong) is the headmaster who runs the entire school with an iron fist. Always by the headmaster's side, Saya (Lana Candor) is not only Lin's star pupil, she is also the leader of the Kuroki Syndicate. Marcus has a serious crush on a member of the Soto Vatos gang, Maria (Maria Gabriela de Faria), who also happens to Chico (Michel Duval)'s main squeeze.

10 Marcus and Maria's Romance

After Marcus and Maria were able to defeat the psychotic Chester Wilson (Tom Stevens) and his crazy family, the duo thought they were in the clear with Chico's chopped-off head. Unfortunately, Marcus had to face the consequences after cheating on Maria with Saya. Though she broke up with him, Maria didn't think she would need Marcus' help right away.

The former couple had guns pointed their faces  by El Alma Del Diablo (David Zayas), Chico's father, and his crew. How are they going to get out of this situation if they have Chico's head with them?

9 How's Lex?

Before the all-out battle at Chester's hideout, Lex Miller (Jack Gillett) was competing against Liam James (Billy Bennet) for Petra (Taylor Hickson)'s affections. Petra was even teasing about having a threesome with Liam and Lex when the school was in lockdown.

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Unfortunately, we will never know if Lex and Petra were meant to be together because he was shot by one of El Alma Del Diablo's gunmen. Liam interrupted when Marcus and Maria were being held hostage. Though we can assume the worst because Lex was seen bleeding, we will never know if he survived the gunshot wound.

8 Where's The Scorpio Slasher?

Marcus had met the clever and sarcastic Scorpio Slasher (French Stewart) when he appeared as one of his instructors. The school thought the Scorpio Slasher was a danger to the other teachers and students. The Scorpio Slasher was wrapped up in chains while teaching a class in the Fundamentals of Psychopathy.

After Marcus and Saya released him from the dungeon, the Scorpio Slasher broke free and ran away at the end of "Rise Above." With a serial killer on the loose, viewers will never find out if Stewart was supposed to get caught again by Marcus.

7 Master Lin's Daughter

Master Lin had his own set of troubles to deal with during the season finale. Master Lin and his sister, Madame Gao (Olivia Cheng), were at odds with each other because of what happened during her childhood.

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Because she was sent away and tortured as a child, Madama Gao resents her brother and wants to punish him through his daughter, Nahia (Viva Lee). Badly wounded, Master Lin was unable to protect his own daughter when Nahia was kidnapped by Madame Gao. Where did Madame Gao send Nahia off to? We will never know.

6 No Redemption For Saya?

Though Master Lin was trying to keep his daughter a secret, he had already sensed Madame Gao was getting ready to strike back at him. Fearing for Nahia's safety, Master Lin ordered Saya to surveil his house and protect his daughter. Unfortunately, Saya disobeyed her orders and went away to help out Marcus before he attacked Chester.

Without a bodyguard in sight, Master Lin arrives home to find his wife, Shu (Theresa Wong) and daughter being hostage. The kidnapping of Nahia and the death of Shu are really Saya's fault because she wasn't around to protect them.

5 Maria And Saya

In the beginning, Saya was one of the very few that actually knew Maria had bipolar disorder. She automatically recognized the signs when Maria she had forgotten to take her routine medication. While Maria was in a relationship with Marcus, Saya ended up regretting that she slept with her latest boyfriend.

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During the attack on Chester's hideout, Maria finally confronted Saya for betraying her trust and sleeping with Marcus. They ended up trading punches and brutally knocking each other down. How does a friendship like theirs survive after a near battle to the death?

4 Where's Willie?

Deadly Class-Elegia

The last time audiences saw Marcus' friend, Willie (Luke Tennie), was in the penultimate episode, "Kids of the Black Hole." Though he yearns for a passive and peaceful life, Willie was conflicted because he could not pull the trigger when he pointed the gun at Chico.

Realizing he did not want the violent lifestyle of a gangster, Willie wanted to leave with his girlfriend, Gabrielle (Kelcey Mawema). They both got into the car and drove off into the sunset. Was that the last time we were supposed to see Willie on the show?

3 Where's Brandy And Viktor?

Brandy Lynn (Siobhan Williams), a member of the Dixie Mob, and Viktor (Sean Depner), the son of a Soviet Assassin, had double-crossed Master Lin by trading his secrets to Madame Gao. In actuality, Brandy and Viktor were actually spies working for Master Lin and were pretending to double-cross him.

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Unfortunately, the two found themselves locked in Gao's main office after their secret was revealed. Did they ever get out of the room? They were very eager to show their loyalty if Madame Gao were to take over King's Dominion as headmaster.

2 Toxicology Teacher

In his guest role, the former lead singer of the renowned punk band Black Flag, Henry Rollins played toxicology professor, Jurgen Denke. While teaching about poison in class, Jurgen (Rollins) had a special liking towards Marcus, who reminded him of his rebellious days.

In the past, Jurgen and Lin were rebelling against the system, but they later conformed to it as they got older. Master Lin couldn't just let Jurgen leave his teaching position and had to murder him. How would Marcus react if he ever found out Master Lin killed his favorite teacher?

1 Marcus' Plan

Since the beginning of the show, Marcus blamed President Ronald Reagan for the death of his parents. During his presidency, Reagan had cut off funding to health facilities. Due to lack of funds, the deranged mental patient went off and killed Marcus' parents. Marcus attended King's Dominion because his ultimate goal was to assassinate the president.

His goal earned the admiration from Jurgen and the Scorpio Killer. Because of history, we know this doesn't happen. Was the show supposed to be set in an alternate reality? Was the show supposed to end with Marcus accomplishing his goal?

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