Rick Remender Opens Up About Bringing Deadly Class to TV

Deadly Class, the creator-owned Image Comics series by writer Rick Remender, artist Wes Craig and colorist Jordan Boyd, is a tale about teens attending a clandestine school that trains them in the art of assassination. Based in the mid-'80s, the comic spins a story full of intense action, high drama, nuanced characters, and the type of long-form storytelling payouts comic books excel at. That combination has made the series a fan favorite, but difficult to adapt as a film.

Of course, one medium that's ripe for a Deadly Class adaptation is television, where it's easier to tell a long-form story like those found in comics. And soon fans of the series will get a chance to see what a Deadly Class television show looks like when Syfy's long-anticipated series debuts. With Comic-Con International bearing down on us, and the series' premiere getting closer and closer, CBR spoke with Remender about his experiences working on the show. Below, he opens up about what fans can expect from the series, why Syfy is the perfect home for i, and what it was like to meet his hero, punk rock icon Henry Rollins, who has a role on the series as one of the students' teachers.

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CBR: Let's talk about the big news, the Deadly Class television adaptation has been ordered to series by Syfy. After watching the network's adaptation of Grant Morrison and Darrick Robertson's Happy, it's pretty clear it can do Deadly Class justice.

Rick Remender: Yes, the network is a wonderful group of people who love the book and are committed to translating it to the screen. They don't want to change the book or its voice. I'm co-showrunning and serving as lead writer, wrote the pilot with fellow EP Miles Feldsott, and have a lot of say when we break stories in the room. As it stands, the direction of the series is entirely true to the books.

They want to translate this book into a TV show, and you can tell that they want to feature heightened and prestige genres. Deadly Class is perfect for Syfy, as they're also doing amazing things with Superman, George R.R. Martin and Grant Morrison. They've got a lot of other very interesting things on the docket. So it's a really cool time to be with Syfy, as they're digging into the comic book space and trying to find really cool and noisy projects.

We wanted to make sure the show and its voice remained true to the book, and true to the characters that Wes and I created. So it was a hell of a lot of work. We've been working on this TV show now for three and a half years. I lived in Vancouver for two and a half months while we were filming the pilot and was fully involved in the translation with this amazing group of people. We were very fortunate to have some of the best people in the industry working with us. It’s been amazing, between the studio, cast, crew, the network, and the Russo's heavy involvement it's been great. Joe and Anthony have been such champions of this project. We've been very, very fortunate and the result is an amazing, cinematic pilot.

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