The MBTI® Of Deadly Class Characters

With the premiere of Rick Remender’s Deadly Class on SYFY just around the corner, it seems there’s no better time than now to dive into the psychology of some of San Francisco's top pubescent assassins through the Myers-Briggs® personality test. From the truly deranged, violent, and obsessive Chester “F---Face” Wilson to the quiet, thoughtful, and unexpectedly kind Saya, we’ll get to the bottom of what’s motivating these beloved characters before their journey on the silver screen (but let’s be honest, laptop screen) begins. And before we get started, for both the comics and quite likely the series on SYFY, spoilers ahead.

10. Master Lin: The Architect - INTJ

Master Lin is a little complicated to type because even in the comics we haven’t seen or heard too much from him. What we do know is that Master Lin has eyes everywhere, and whenever he does show up, he's plotting something. He makes the rules of Kings Dominion very clear when he allows Marcus to matriculate. When his rules are broken, however, Master Lin is ruthless. If he’s not enrolling Shabnam to gather data on Marcus, luring Maria into captivity, or sending the entire freshman class after the crew for breaking the rules, you can bet he’s somewhere close. Planning.

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9. Victor: The Executive -ESTJ

Victor, unlike Master Lin, is by far the easiest personality to type. It’d be nearly impossible to miss what’s on Victor’s mind at any given moment.

Victor is a young man that demands things to be done a certain way. The good ole fashioned way. Tradition demands respect. Victor says it best himself with Marcus’ gun to his head, “...you broke the rules. The rules of the school you chose to join. You only think I’m the villain because I was better.” Victor may appear to be a bad guy, act tough, and be arrogant, but for the most part, he’s just following the rules in a messed up and deadly situation.

8. Maria: The Debater - ENTP

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Maria is almost as fast-talking as she is quick-witted. As Marcus can attest to, Maria is incredibly charismatic and confident enough to talk her way out of just about anything. But she’s also very sweet on Marcus, which brings out some of her more caring characteristics that may not typically be on display. As astute as Maria might be, she has trouble planning for the long-run, making her an easy target when Master Lin decides to make a blood-for-blood trade as amends for Chico’s life. Regardless of all that, Maria is someone who knows how to take care of herself and look after her many friends when she needs to.

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7. Chico: The Entertainer - ESFP

Highly emotional, territorial, and always seems ready to put on a show, that’s exactly the kind of guy Chico is. Whether it’s displaying dominance the in the halls of Kings Dominion or soaking the streets of Las Vegas in blood, Chico is certainly going to get your attention one way or another. For someone like Chico, the rules don’t really make any difference. Chico lets his feelings dictate his actions and he’s not concerned with the consequences of his actions one bit. You can see it in the way he aggressively taunts and assaults Marcus in his obsession with Marcus after Maria’s left him. It’s toxic traits like these that leave Chico with his throat slit in a dank, dirty alleyway in Las Vegas.

6. Petra: The Virtuoso - ISTP

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It’s not easy faking chemistry, especially when the class is specifically tailored to the most lethal concoctions crafted from the periodic table. Petra manages to make it look easy though. She is an absolute master of the elements used for the deadly arts and she’s certainly not afraid to use them. It’s no coincidence that Petra shares a personality type with Frank Castle. She can be a ruthless tactician capable of some truly gruesome acts (just ask Billy). While she tolerates the structure provided by the classes at Kings Dominion, Petra is much more suited to be out on her own figuring out the world for herself.

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5. Willie Lewis: The Protagonist - ENFJ

It’s not easy being thrown into a life that you never wanted to be a part of, but when a rival gang breaks into your home and kills your dad, well, sometimes you just have to pick up the gun. Or pretend to, at least. Willie Lewis was never meant to be a part of this lifestyle, but now that he is, he’s going to play the game the best he can. Willie’s reputation may have initially granted him a lot of respect, but it’s his charisma, intelligence, and character demand that this respect is maintained. Even if all he wants is to go back to before he ever touched a gun.

4. Chester “F---Face” Wilson: The Commander - ENTJ

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You may think that the scars on Chester’s face caused some sort of mental fracture; like maybe when he saw the damage he just couldn’t handle what he was looking at (not unlike Billy Russo). You would be wrong. Chester Wilson or “F---Face” as he’s known to call himself, is a psychotic, animal loving (in all the ways that would disgust and horrify any true animal lover), obsessive young man with one goal in mind: kill Marcus. Chester is strategic, cold, and brutal. He’s not afraid of taking a body, anybody, let’s say Chico’s, and using it as leverage against Marcus’ whole crew. Whatever gets the win. Or in this case, Marcus.

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3. Saya Kuroki: The Advocate - INFJ

In the most recent issues of the comic, Marcus has been through some truly epic moments; moments that set Marcus up as one of the most talented members of Kings Dominion’s freshmen class. However, Saya is still leagues beyond anyone we’ve been introduced to at the school, with the exception of Master Lin. Saya is intensely private, and very rarely do we see her open up to anyone at the school or even outside of it. She’s also incredibly caring and passionate, even when she’s seemingly betraying some of her best friends. Saya may not be too keen on letting the others in the group know exactly she’s thinking, but there’s very little she won’t do for the sake of her friends and family.

2. Billy: The Campaigner - ENFP

Billy can be loud, obnoxious, and more than a little crazy, but beneath the punk rock exterior, he’s someone that genuinely cares for his friend’s at Kings Dominion. He does, however, have a tendency to let his feelings get the better of him, and he’s not great at planning for the long-term (as evidenced by his trip to Las Vegas with the gang in a misguided attempt to kill his father). Billy may not be the guy you want to call in for a strategy meeting in the situation room, but he’s definitely going to be there fighting for his friends. Or at the very least smoking nearby while they do the fighting.

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1. Marcus Arguello: The Mediator - INFP

In just a short 15 years, Marcus has already lived through some of the greatest traumas a person can live through. He’s lost his parents and been through years of abuse and torture at a boys’ home. And all that happened before he (allegedly) blew up the boys’ home, went on the run from the police, and enrolled in a high school built to train the top assassins in the world. Understandably, Marcus usually keeps to himself. He’s much more likely to run away from the school and its strict and lethal headmaster Lin, than actually staying the course and graduating with honors in slaughter. Marcus’ one big problem seems to be that, like many young people his age, he's letting his emotions decide his course of action, no matter the trouble they bring.

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