The 20 Deadliest Sinestro Corps Members, Officially Ranked

Over the years, Sinestro went from being one of the Green Lantern Corps' greatest champions to one of its greatest enemies. After going rogue from the Corps, he found himself banished to Qward in the Antimatter Universe. While there, he was empowered with a special Yellow Power ring, created by the sworn enemies of the Green lanterns, the Qwardians. This newfound power allowed him to use fear to create yellow constructs, which were the only color spectrum the Green Lanterns were unable to thwart. The so-called "Yellow Impurity" was eventually revealed to be the result of a powerful space entity called Parallax, who is the embodiment of fear.

By using Parallax and with the help of the Anti-Monitor, Sinestro was one day able to form his own corps of like-minded individuals. He mirrored his new team off the structure of the Green Lantern Corps and dubbed it the Sinestro Corps. Rings sought out the most fearsome individuals throughout the cosmos and assigned them sectors, just like in the Green Lantern Corps. As these beings were especially able to instill fear in their enemies, they presented a significant threat to not only the Green Lantern Corps, but the universe as a whole. The roster of members of the Sinestro Corps includes some of the vilest and deadliest villains in the universe, but also some surprises you may not have realized. This list compiles the deadliest and most interesting of them all. Whether they took out their enemies or scared them into submission, here are the 20 deadliest Sinestro Corps members, officially ranked.

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Scarecrow Sinestro Corps
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Scarecrow Sinestro Corps

If there's one member of Batman's rogues gallery who would make a good candidate for the Sinestro Corps, it's Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow. His whole modus operandi is to instill fear in people, which is why he was chosen by the Qwardian Ring to become the new member of the Sinestro Corps for Space Sector 2814. The ring found Crane before the "Blackest Night" crossover series, but was stopped. Eventually, though, it made it to his finger for the main event.

Sadly, for Scarecrow, he didn't retain possession of the Qwardian ring for very long. During the event, Lex Luthor, who was empowered by the Orange Light of Greed, stole his ring. Luthor then took control of the ring, but didn't hold it for very long either. The Guardians of the Universe successfully destroyed the ring in Green Lantern #46. Crane didn't forget, though, and was addicted to the fear the ring gave him. He attempted to recreate the power and feeling it gave him, but was ultimately thwarted.


Batman Sinestro Corps

Batman was the (un)fortunate recipient of a Qwardian ring on more than one occasion. Initially, the ring sought him out to make him a member of the then-new Corps, but he was able to remove it from his finger and reject membership, thanks to his previous exposure to a GL ring. It stands to reason that he would be chosen given his ability to instill fear in his enemies, but his motives don't really align with the fundamental nature of the Sinestro Corps.

Later, Batman voluntarily put on a Qwardian ring so he could use it to fight the nefarious (and cowardly) Power Ring during the "Forever Evil" storyline. In doing so, he became the newest member of the Corps and the Sinestro Corps member of Space Sector 2814, if only briefly.



Lobo is one of the universe's deadliest creatures, having eliminated his entire planet on a whim. As a bounty hunter, he can track down anyone, anywhere and is responsible for taking out a lot more than just his own people. Because of his brutality, he was chosen by a Qwardian ring to become the Sinestro Corps member of Space Sector 3500.

Unfortunately for the ring, Lobo wasn't having anything to do with the Corps. Instead of removing the ring, he simply sliced his finger off declaring, "I'm not joining your little gang!" Technically, he was only a member of the Sinestro Corps for about one minute, but had he desired to keep it, he could easily have been one of the Corps' deadliest members.


Ampa Nnn comes from the harsh planet, Lythyl in Space Sector 3517. Lythyl's surface is often scorched by a harsh solar environment and volcanic activity, which has forced much of the population to live underground. Survival is a constant struggle where even the criminals band together. On his homeworld, Ampa Nnn is a terrible person whose penchant for removing the organs of his victims and thoroughly cleaning them made him an ideal candidate to join forces with the Sinestro Corps.

Ampa Nnnn was involved in the final battle between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps. He was able to survive the assault after the Sinestro Corps was defeated and remains at large. Though his location is unknown, he is believe to be hiding out on his homeworld where he likely picked up where he left off.


romat ru

There are monsters and then there is Romat-Ru. On the planet Xudar, Romat-Ru was a criminal of such renown, you know he was bound to attract a Qwardian ring. When the authorities investigated his home after his arrest on a minor charge, they found the skeletons of thousands of children. Thousands. While being transported to prison, the ring found him and inducted him into the Sinestro Corps.

Romat-Ru was a true Sinestro loyalist and one of the Corps' leading members. He was involved in the battle of Earth and attempted to rescue Sinestro after he was captured and on his way to Korugar to be executed. He also stood by Sinestro following Mongul II's attempt to usurp his position as head of his self-named Corps.



Long before joining the Sinestro Corps, Ausiin Snow was a scientist who worked on the asteroid outpost of DW-426. While working on the site, he was injured when their power source caused an accident resulting in a complete change to his physiology. After the accident, any living being he touches melts, hence the name, Murr The Melting Man.

Murr was chosen to wield a Qwardian Ring and became a member of the Sinestro Corps, but other members of the Corps don't like having him around. His ability to melt anyone he touches makes the other members of the Corps wary of his presence. Whenever Murr is around, nobody in the Sinestro Corps is standing without their personal force field active.


BEDOVIAN Sinestro Corps

Bedovian is a large hermit crab-like alien who was the Sinestro Corps member of Space Sector 0003. Bedovian is able to live in open space thanks to his giant shell, which he may have grown himself. Because of his isolation in his shell, he is the only member of the Corps who didn't have to enter a Fear Lodge. Like other members, he was recruited to the Corps due to his ability to instill great fear in people, possibly because he is a highly skilled sniper capable of seeing targets across three sectors of open space.

Bedovian's sniper skills played well within the Sinestro Corps and he is credited with ending several Green Lanterns. As he was picking off Lanterns during the attack on Oa, John Stewart was able to find him and destroy his shell, but this only weakened Bedovian.


Tekik was constructed on the planet Potter-59-3 where he served as a scientific robotic unit. At some point, his builder implanted emotions, which didn't turn out well. Tekik became enraged at his forced servitude and created the "fear code," which he installed in every other robot on the planet. The resulting chaos led to the end of nearly all living beings at the hands of the robotic revolution. Ever since, the planet was renamed "Lost World."

Tekik joined the Sinestro Corps after a Qwardian ring found him. He became a true Sinestro loyalist who refused to side with Mongul II during his attempt to overthrow Sinestro. He later gave Sinestro a ring during his rescue that brought them all out of the Anti-Matter Universe. Tekik's ability to instill fear in others makes him a valuable asset to the Sinestro Corps.


Amon Sur is the son of the legendary Green Lantern, Abin Sur. As he grew up, Amon hated the Green Lantern Corps for constantly taking his father from him and blamed the Corps for his father's passing. In an act of rebellion, Amon embraced a life of crime and set himself as far apart from his father as he could.

He became an intergalactic criminal rivalling his father's fame until he became the head of the Black Circle Crime Syndicate. In a battle with Kyle Rayner, he was decapitated, but was able to regrow his body and went on to join the Sinestro Corps, representing Space Sector 2814. He repeatedly engaged in battle against the Green Lantern Corps and took part in the battle of Earth, but fled when he learned the Green Lanterns could use lethal force. He was later slain by the vengeful Lost Lantern, Laira.



Despotellis was created in a lab on the planet Khondra. He was engineered as a biological weapon to be a highly capable virus, but after a number of successive generations, the virus became a sentient being. Despotellis wasn't happy with the way he was forcefully engineered into existence so he unleashed himself upon the world and took out all life in only a single day, which made him a perfect candidate for the Sinestro Corps.

Despotellis sought out, infected and ended Kyle Rayner's mother so he could be instilled with fear and infected by the Parallax entity. He also infected guy Gardner, but was stopped and removed by the Green Lantern's own sentient virus. He has the ability to create an infinite number of semi-sentient copies of himself to further infection. Despotellis can also completely obliterate his copies so there is no trace of what caused the infection.


Karu-Sil Sinestro Corps

Karu-Sil was only a child on Graxos III when her family was slaughtered during a raid on her home. She fled the destruction and found herself in the jungle where she was "adopted" by three beasts. She effectively was raised by the beasts and even filed her teeth to points and bit off her own lips to better fit in. After she and her companions took someone out, the Green Lantern of her sector slayed the beasts and took her to an institution.

Karu-Sil took part in the assault of Oa and later went on a hunt for new Green Lanterns. She would slaughter them as soon as they were chosen by their ring. In battle, Karu-Sil creates constructs in the form of the beasts she grew up with. Her fighting style is rather barbaric and she is extremely effective at instilling fear in her opponents.


Arkillo Sinestro Corps

Arkillo hails from the planet Vorn in Space Sector 674, which is also where the Drill Sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps, Kilowog comes from. Their appearance may be similar, but the two couldn't be more different from one another. Arkillo was a powerful being who was feared throughout the sector, which is why a Qwardian ring chose him to join up with the Sinestro Corps.

As one of the Corps' earliest members, he became the Drill Sergeant  responsible for training any new members who came after him. He commanded a large force of Sinestro Corps members against the Green Lantern Corps where he confronted Kilowog. He was ultimately defeated by Kilowog during the battle for Earth when an aircraft carrier was dropped on him. After a tumultuous history, he eventually fought and subsequently became friends with Guy Gardner, alongside whom he now fights for justice.


Mongul Sinestro Corps

Mongul is the twin brother of Mongal and the son of Mongul, making him Mongul II. He hails from the planet Debstam IV and has been a thorn in the side of the Justice League for years. Prior to finding his way onto the Sinestro Corps, he fought Hal Jordan, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. He ended up on the Sinestro Corps after taking a ring from a dying member (whose neck he snapped).

He wasn't so much a member of the Sinestro Corps as he was a ring collector. He tracked down new members and intimidated them into serving him or dying. This is how he acquired a ring for each finger of his hand. He attempted to lead a revolt against Sinestro, but was defeated after Sinestro finally showed up and put a stop to Mongul II's activities.


Cyborg Superman Sinestro Corps

Hank Henshaw, aka Cyborg Superman, has been one of Superman's greatest foes since he first appeared. He eventually ended up trapped on Oa before he was freed alongside some of the other beings on this list. He made his way to the Anti-Monitor, whom he swore his allegiance to. He did this because the Anti-Monitor promised him a passing, which is something he has sought for years.

As a herald of the Anti-Monitor, he worked with the Sinestro Corps during the events of the Sinestro Corps War. He was also the leader of the new Manhunters, which turned out to mess up his plans for end. Though he was pretty much deceased at the end of the war, the Manhunters found him and brought him back to life, which is something that he truly didn't appreciate.


Superboy-Prime Sinestro Corps

Superboy-Prime is a version of the Man of Steel from an alternate dimension who was one of the main players during Infinite Crisis. He was imprisoned on Oa alongside others on this list and was freed during the Sinestro Corps attack on the planet. This led to him becoming one of the Anti-Monitor's heralds, taking on the name "Superman-Prime" from that point forward.

He aligned himself with the Sinestro Corps and the Anti-Monitor so he could get revenge over the destruction of Earth Prime. He later turns on the Anti-Monitor when he is wounded and battles both the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps. Ultimately, he is infused with energy from Oa and is thrust back into the Multiverse.



In the Injustice comics, Superman is an ally of Sinestro and his Corps throughout their battle with the Green Lantern Corps. While still on Earth, he supported Sinestro and even saved his life when Mogo nearly took him out him. Later on, the war between the two Corps intensified and brought Superman closer to the conflict, wherein he was nearly ended by Ganthet.

A short while later, Superman returned to form and took on a Qwardian ring, making him a full member of the Sinestro Corps. He then went on a rampage and slaughtered Green Lanterns with relative ease. By the end of the conflict, both Corps were nearly destroyed, with only a few remaining alive including Sinestro and Hal Jordan.


Kryb is likely the most feared member of the Sinestro Corps due to her methods and tactics against the enemy. The hag-like creature enjoys hunting down the recently married members of the Green Lantern Corps, taking them out, and taking their children. She then keeps those kids in the cage-like pouch on her back.

Kryb has been able to find and end a number of members of the Green Lantern Corps and take their children. She succeeded in murdering the Green Lantern of Space Sector of 1061, Airam and Nhoj Sappal, taking the children of each. She also possesses enhanced stamina and limited mind-controlling abilities. Thanks to her tactics, she has a natural ability to instill fear, though she is reviled by pretty much anyone who knows of her.



Hal Jordan is one of the Guardian's greatest champions and one-time leader of the Green Lantern Corps. However, he was, at one time, a member of the Sinestro Corps, at least in the Injustice universe. However, in the main continuity universe, he also wielded a Sinestro Corps ring. After his Green Lantern ring ran out of power during the Sinestro Corps War, he donned a Qwardian ring so he could use its power.

He was later forced to remove his Green Lantern ring so he wouldn't become a host to Parallax during the "War of the Green Lanterns" storyline. With no other option available to him at the time, he chose to use a Qwardian ring once more, due to his knowledge and experience in using it previously. Because he had to put on the ring and use it, he became the (unofficial) Sinestro Corps member of Space Sector 2814 for a time.


Anti-Monitor Sinestro Corps

The Anti-Monitor is an impossibly powerful threat whose sole desire is to become the ruler of the Antimatter Universe once "our" universe is completely destroyed. He was responsible for the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, where he attempted to make his goals a reality. After his defeat, he arose once more, this time to help Sinestro form the Sinestro Corps.

As a wielder of a Qwardian ring, the Anti-Monitor became the Sinestro Corps member of Space Sector-1 and his powers only increased. He ultimately came into conflict with the other members of the Corps, specifically, Superboy Prime, and was later discharged. The Anti-Monitor has consistently remained a significant threat to all living beings in the DC Universe, even when he was simply the battery for the Black Lantern Corps!



As if there was any doubt, the number one choice on our list of the deadliest members of the Sinestro Corps is none other than Thaal Sinestro himself. Initially, Sinestro was a Green Lantern, but his tactics and brutal dictatorial rule over his home planet brought him into conflict with the Corps. He then became one of Hal Jordan's greatest enemies and a constant villain in the Green Lantern community.

He formed the Sinestro Corps alongside the Anti-Monitor and set about recruiting the most fearsome individuals in the cosmos. He was instrumental in bringing about Jordan's downfall, as well as the Corps he so lovingly served. When the newly-formed Green Lantern Corps began to recruit, so did Sinestro, which of course led to the Sinestro Corps War.

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