The 20 Deadliest Grudges In The Marvel Universe

All superheroes, from those who patrol the streets of New York to the ones that occupy the cosmos, have nemeses. Some heroes even have the unfortunate ability to attract multiple foils across their career. The routine of defeating bad guys, locking up bad guys and bad guys returning is as old as comics themselves, so heroes and villains become quite used to one another. In extreme cases, heroes come across villains so formidable it can push them to become better just in the process of defeating them. In an ideal world, there would be no villains, and heroes would likely focus on helping with natural disasters and other neutral tragedies.

Unfortunately, the Marvel Universe is not an ideal world and supervillains are lurking around every corner. With so much exposure to the ills these nefarious individuals do, it is easy for a hero to develop a severe distaste for them. Distaste turns to hate and hate turns to vendetta in the never-ending game of cat and mouse. A villain may take something from a hero that sets a grudge in motion that spans decades without resolution. Often, it is the villain who develops a grudge and looks to topple a hero. These grudges can be intense... they can even be deadly.


Daredevil Versus Punisher

These two don't get along due to the fact that they have similar goals but go about them in vastly different ways. Where they would both like to rid the streets of crime, Punisher would like this to be done with more permanent methods. Daredevil, being a lawyer by day, believes in the justice system and the process of putting someone through the courts.

These opposing methodologies have seen the two step on each others' toes on more than one occasion. In once instance, Punisher chained Daredevil to a rooftop, forcing him to make a staged decision with an empty gun. He orchestrated the scenario for Matt to act out something that was more aligned with Frank Castle's deadlier motives. The lengths these two are willing to go to prove they're right to each other can be a little extreme, breeding a strong underlying resentment between the two.


captain america red skull

Representing two opposing sides in the most important war the planet has ever seen, there is absolutely no love lost between these two. Their hatred for one another goes as far back as the '40s and has only intensified since. It's generational, too, since Steve's had to fight the Red Skull's daughter on occasion.

Even in the events of Secret Empire, wherein Red Skull used his Cosmic Cube to make Steve his ally, their rivalry proved stronger than the cube's power. Though Steve did have his past altered so that he was a figurehead within Hydra, he still found time to overthrow Skull's place in Hydra.


Hank Pym and Ultron have a very turbulent and complicated past. It has been hard for Hank coming to terms with the creation of Ultron, who proved to be a recurring and deadly foe for the Avengers. Ultron, on the other hand, can only really process hate for Hank and little else.

In Rage of Ultron, the Avengers once again had to contend with Hank's invention running wild. Though they tried multiple tactics, it seemed Ultron would not be stopped. In order to stop Ultron, Hank sacrificed himself, merging with him in an unholy union. Since then Ultron has returned, wearing the skin of his creator. Their ongoing conflict has taken on a far more sinister, internal form.


A constant battle of who can best one-up each other, these two super-geniuses have held a grudge for as long as the Fantastic Four have been operating. Though at times they have allied with one another for mutually beneficial reasons, old scars remain.

In their most recent confrontation in Secret Wars, it is revealed that Doom has always envied Richards. This was not only said by the ruler of Latveria, but shown through his actions in the arc. With God-like powers, Doom used his abilities to supplant Reed in his marriage, his children's lives and cast out his closest friends. It was truly a sadistic way to get to Mr. Fantastic, possibly through only the deepest resentment.


Wolverine Versus Sabretooth

Logan and Victor's rivalry is equal parts deadly and lengthy. These two always rip chunks out of each other when they meet in battle. Their animosity is so ingrained that even when they are positioned as allies, they rarely coexist for long. Sabretooth annually tries to eliminate Logan on his birthday, a tradition Victor enjoys a little too much.

Though both reflect the most animalistic aspects of human aggression, Logan is far more measured than Victor. This has been shown to be an advantage in some cases and a hindrance in others, allowing Sabretooth to take advantage of Logan's capacity for mercy. In several timelines, one takes the life of the other and they seem destined to fight across the multiverse for all time.


Drax Versus Thanos

Grudges like the one Drax holds for Thanos is a vendetta in its purest form. Drax was created to destroy Thanos; hence, Drax the Destroyer. His pursuit of his goal is near fanatical and his hatred for the Mad Titan is reciprocated. While Thanos has been able to dispatch Drax at times and often underestimate him, he has been felled by him on a number of occasions.

Drax's need to eliminate Thanos comes above all else, as shown in the Annihilation arc where he ignored the pleas of his daughter Moondragon to spare Thanos as the Titan was the key to stopping Annihilus. However, in his quest to fulfill his mission, Drax pulled out Thanos' heart.


Namor Versus Black Panther

Though once allies, tension between these rulers reached a fever pitch in the lead-up to Secret Wars. Wakanda and Atlantis went to war with one another, a conflict which decimated both sides. The damage that both these leaders did to the other and their respective nations cemented their disdain for one another.

The war even saw T'Challa lose his place as King of Wakanda, after his people believed it was him who led the nation into an avoidable conflict. Shuri took over as the Black Panther, leaving T'Challa as "King of the Dead," serving Wakanda from a distance. The war with Namor cost T'Challa more than he could have anticipated, and he will not forget it.


Spider-Man Versus Green Goblin

One of the most famous grudges in the Marvel Universe, even in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, this grudge runs deep. Determined to destroy Spider-Man, Norman Osborn is always trying to go to whatever lengths are necessary to make his life a living hell as the Green Goblin, regular old Norman and more recently, the Red Goblin.

Claiming the life of Gwen Stacy was the deadly tipping point that took the hero/villain dynamic between the two to a whole new, more visceral level. Parker has hated the Green Goblin since this point, willing to cross lines he maybe wouldn't cross otherwise to stop him. With great hatred, comes great hostility.


Moon Knight Versus Bushman

Empowered by an ancient Moon deity known as Khonshu, Marc Spector has had his share of brutal battles. A little unhinged at the best of times, it's probably best not to draw his ire. One of his most notable battles was with a fellow mercenary by the name of Bushman, who definitely raised the hero's blood pressure.

The two would have several skirmishes, trading pints of blood as their grudge and their brutality escalated. Eventually, something pushed Moon Knight to a place where we'd hope never to go ourselves. The animosity he held for Bushman resulted in his most questionable act to date: cutting the man's face off.


Daredevil Versus Bullseye

Matt Murdock has a habit of making enemies of people who love ending the lives of other human beings. Perhaps his most notorious foil is the wicked and sadistic Bullseye, who delights in the act of taking a life. Bullseye has claimed many important figures in Daredevil's life, only adding fuel to the fire.

In the events of Shadowland, while controlled by The Hand, Daredevil broke both of Bullseye's arms and stabbed him through the chest. Though Matt was not in control of himself, when Bullseye inevitably returned, he was incensed by the brutality Matt had shown him, furthering their bloody narrative.


Union Jack Versus Baron Blood

A classic tale of sibling rivalry, with implications spanning generations, this grudge originates in merry old England. A war hero and Invader, James Falsworth inherited the majority of his parents' estate, much to the disdain of his brother John. John would leave to study vampire lore, one of his passing interests, and is bitten by none other than Dracula himself.

With enhanced physical abilities and a thirst for blood, John returns as Baron Blood. He joins the German special forces as a saboteur, clashing with his brother, though neither party knew the true identity of the other. Since the revelation of this some time later, Baron Blood has targeted James, his family and everyone to hold the mantle of Union Jack since.


Thor Versus Gorr

Gorr has a grudge against every God after feeling as though he was abandoned by his own. This grudge resulted in him setting off on a quest to defeat all Gods everywhere. Taking their lives, enslaving them, making them suffer, every bit of malice Gorr has for deities is shown through his machinations.

Thor, being the God of Thunder, was bound to cross paths with Gorr eventually. He quickly developed a mutual hatred for the zealot. Gorr and Thor would battle several times, with three different generations of Thor from across the timeline needing to team up in order to defeat the God Butcher.


Nova Versus Annihilus

Imagine someone wiped out an entire planet where all of your friends and coworkers lived -- you'd be pretty mad at them, right? Well that's exactly what Annihilus did to Xandar, home of the Nova Corps. Richard Rider, seemingly being the only survivor, was left to shoulder the weight of the entire Corps' power.

Understandably enraged, he would later witness Annihilus taking the life of his good friend Quasar. He would also see the villain's Annihilation Wave bring the universe to its knees. All of this culminated with Richard pulling Annihilus inside out, taking ghastly revenge for his fallen allies. Unfortunately for him, Annihilus' species have the ability to be reborn through a larvae form, prolonging this blood feud.


Blade Versus Deacon Frost

Blade's complicated existence is the result of the nefarious actions of one vampire named Deacon Frost. The trouble with Blade's ongoing vendetta against Deacon Frost is that he has the ability to create a potentially endless supply of doppelgangers. Frost, being the reason for Blade's mother's passing and the altering of Blade's blood to make him a Half-Vampire, plagued the vampire hunter for decades.

Though believing to have defeated Deacon Frost on numerous occasions, the tenacious Eric Brooks often finds he is merely dispatching a doppelganger. Until he can properly avenge the unfortunate end his mother suffered, Blade will likely never stop staking these copycats until he finds the source.


Sentry Versus The Void

This grudge is a unique one in the sense that it is held between one man and something that lives inside of him. Bob Reynolds is the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe, the downside is there is something far scarier inside of him. An entity known as The Void resides within The Sentry, which seeks to destroy everything.

Bob's hatred for The Void is partly fear and partly protecting the world from what lies within. One bad day could see the entity take over and destroy everything Bob holds dear and beyond. The Void sees Bob as weak, and wants to have its will done. Bob has even gone so far as to refuse to be The Sentry, for fear of unleashing the dark inhabitant within him.


Natasha Versus Yelena

The story of the dual Blacks Widows is partly sad and partly disturbing. Both graduates of the Red Room, Yelena was sent to shadow Natasha initially, to learn to be an accomplished spy. However, Natasha would deceive and trick Yelena on multiple occasions, trying to instill the realities of spy work in her would-be protege.

In one instance, Natasha had their faces swapped and left Yelena to wander, feeling confused and violated. Since then, Yelena has hated her former comrade and this would drive her to villainy. Of course, no one can really blame her for harboring the resentment after the invasive actions of Natasha.


Cable Versus Stryfe

Cable and Stryfe hail from a future where they are always at war with one another. The head of opposing factions, their battles have often spanned the timestream. Stryfe, being a clone of Cable, hates his blueprint, despite being far more powerful owing to not feeling the effects of the same techno-organic virus that plagues Cable.

Outside of his own conflicts with Stryfe, Cable's friends are often caught in the crossfire. During an effort to protect Hope Summers from the tyrant, a future incarnation of Cable's good friend Deadpool was taken from him. This was a true testament to the power of Stryfe, given how hard it is to put a permanent end to Wade Wilson.


Iron Fist Versus Davos

Competitiveness can be solid grounds for forming a grudge, especially when stakes are high. For Davos, in his opinion, his life's destiny was taken from him. Training from a young boy to one day have the honor of becoming the Iron Fist, this privilege was claimed by an outsider. Incensed by this, Davos has been a thorn in the side of Daniel Rand since.

Believing that an outsider should not wield this power, he become bitter and malicious. In tournaments where opponents were to yield when defeated, Davos would try for fatality even in their surrender. Poisoned by his grudge against Rand, Davos turned his back on K'un-Lun for a time, including his father The Thunderer.


Dr Strange Versus Dormammu

Before butting heads with Stephen, Dormammu's initial issue was with Dr. Strange's teacher, The Ancient One. His attentions turned to Strange when the sorcerer attempted to fight Dormammu in his Dark Dimension. The resulting power clash caused the dimension as a whole to weaken, threatening its integrity.

The two ceased their battle and actually worked together to resolve the collapse. This, however, embarrassed Dormammu, who was thought to be all powerful within his realm and capable of protecting it. Since this point, Dormammu has ceaselessly looked for a way to embarrass Strange in kind and take over the realm of the Sorcerer Supreme.


Elixir Versus Wither

Young love rarely occurs without a little bit of drama in the Marvel Universe. This grudge is a classic tale of boy loves girl, another boy also loves that girl, that girl is destroyed by anti-mutant extremists and the two boys can't get along afterwards. Despite his healing powers, Elixir was unable to revive Wallflower, who both he and Wither had an affinity for.

Years later, after Wither had run away from the X-Mansion, he was indoctrinated into the forces of Selene of the Hellfire Club. When X-Force, who Elixir was aligned with part of at the time, were brought into conflict with her, the two finally fought. Wither vented all of the vitriol he had for Elixir as he tried to end his former friend. Elixir apologized to the angry young mutant before disintegrating him.

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