Dead Man Logan's Most Twisted Enemy Just Got Even Deadlier

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Dead Man Logan #10, from Ed Brisson, Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

When Logan returned from the Marvel-616 to his home dimension in Dead Man Logan, we all knew he wouldn't be walking off into the sunset easily. His healing factor is fading, and he's suffering from from adamantium poisoning. To make matters worse, a swath of villains wants to take his head off.

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One of these enemies was revealed to be his most twisted enemy: Sabretooth (Victor Creed), who's been revived as a Frankenstein-like monster with cybernetic enhancements. But just when things have gotten bad for Logan, they get a whole lot worse, as Creed has an army of bloodthirsty clones at his disposal.

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In the "Welcome Home, Logan" arc, the title character, Dani Cage and Baby Bruce/Baby Hulk embark on a journey to find Forge after overcoming a cannibalistic cult. Little do they know Sabretooth is back from the dead after Logan carved him into pieces and scattered his body across the terrain, which was revealed in the Weapon X comic. But as the resurrected Creed conducts his inquiries, we see he actually has a legion of bikers with him moving across the dusty wasteland.

At first glance, it seems like these are just random thugs sent by his mysterious employer to hunt down Logan, but when they finally meet up with Logan at Forge's compound in South Dakota, it becomes obvious what they really are. Logan's none the wiser about the impending invasion, aiming to leave Dani and Bruce Jr. in the care of Forge, who knows of Logan's tragic past. He saw footage of Mysterio tricking Logan into killing his fellow X-Men in Old Man Logan and now he wants to help his friend pass on to the afterlife at the home he shared with his deceased family. But when Sabretooth's legion attacks, Logan is stunned to find these rabid goons aren't just gangsters; they're all clones, obsessed and bloodthirsty, just like the original Creed.

They run amok, destroying the facility and wounding the new Ant-Man, Dwight, along the way. However, Forge and his wife, Elinore, don mech-suits and fight back, hoping to create an opening for Logan to take the alpha Sabretooth out. However, the assault is a distraction, as the leader and some henchmen tranquillize Hulk Jr. and head out, leaving Logan and Dani to chase them Mad Max-style across the desert. But the clones just won't stop coming, leading to Logan and Dani running them over, although this slows them down.

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As they relentlessly pursue the real Creed and his remaining genetic copies, their friends end up in a lot more trouble because these clones are too quick and unstoppable, even though they don't heal like the original. Luckily, Forge has Speedball, who's been in a cell charging up kinetic energy for decades. When he's freed, he drops from atop the compound onto the ground, blowing everything up like an atomic bomb. This stops the Sabretooth swam, though the fate of Ant-Man is ambiguous, as he was in the medical bay recovering at the time of the blast.

Logan's torn up because he knows Forge and Elinore died in the field, but Dani tells him they have to stay focused because if Sabretooth's employer gets to co-opt Bruce, grooming a new killer Hulk could spell doom for everyone else. Fans are eager to see who's this person that revived Creed and grew these clones, because not only is it a sinister move, it's the trump card that could well prove to be the key to ruling Logan's realm.

Dead Man Logan #11 goes on sale Sep. 18.

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