Dead Man Logan Reveals the New Hydra's Sinister Plan for the Marvel U

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Dead Man Logan #1, from Ed Brisson, Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now. 

Following the events of Secret Empire, Hydra has found it hard to regroup and resurface as a force to be reckoned with. Small splinter cells have been pulled together by Baron Zemo, but his Hydra project quickly came under fire over in Matthew Rosenberg's Punisher, failing to amount to anything noteworthy. The old Hydra has even been renounced, with remnants forming a new group, the Power Elite.

In Dead Man Logan #1, though, a new and legitimate Hydra has officially risen in the Marvel Universe. And this version is indeed shaping up to be a world power once more, even equipped with a proper army. No resurgent comic book terrorist group is complete without a very sinister plan, though, and Hydra's involves a couple of key players joining the organization.

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Following his battle that left the Maestro Hulk dead in Old Man Logan, the titular hero finds himself being nursed back to health by Cecilia Reyes. His mutant healing factor is regressing, speeding up his adamantium poisoning, and he tells her he has one more target to hit: Mysterio. This takes him to the Bar with No Name to find Mysterio's whereabouts, but when he does so, Miss Sinister also gets hold of the intel. She outraces Logan to find the Spidey villain, who's in a retirement home, ashamed of being beaten mercilessly by heroes in the past. She makes it clear she wants to recruit him for a new war.

His confidence built up once more, he buys in and Miss Sinister takes him to a secret location just off the Pacific Ocean to meet Neo-Hydra. It's led by Sin, the daughter of the Red Skull, and we see Crossbones (her lover and chief military strategist) alongside her, with a new army of Hydra soldiers ready to take over the world again. She asks Miss Sinister if this is the man who'll help her create a world without heroes like her father always envisioned, and the X-Men villain vouches for him because she knows once they execute the plan right, with Mysterio at the heart of it, it's one with a high probability of success.

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But what exactly is this new plan? Well, for longtime Marvel readers, it's actually an old one Miss Sinister wants to repurpose.

It's the same reason Logan wants to kill Mysterio in the first place. He wants to stop Mysterio from ever harnessing his powers like the Mysterio from his universe, which resulted in Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's 2008 Old Man Logan storyline. There, Logan would kill all the X-Men after Mysterio's illusions made him think they were villains attacking the X-Mansion, which led to him unsheathing his claws and slaughtering the very mutants he called his family.

Now, Miss Sinister wants to modify the scheme to murder all the heroes of the Marvel-616 reality, from the Avengers and Spider-Man to even Deadpool. It's a great plan on paper, but will definitely be way more complex than just hitting one group, which makes sense why Miss Sinister and Neo-Hydra are collaborating. After all, once Mysterio got Logan to kill off the X-Men in that alternate universe, Red Skull was able to deploy his forces, such as Baron Zemo and the traitorous Thunderbolts (as we're currently seeing in Old Man Hawkeye), to assassinate the rest of the world's heroes, thus allowing him to become President of the United States.

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Which means that weaponizing Mysterio like this is but the first step in an all-out war on Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and anyone else standing for justice. What else Neo-Hydra has planned behind the curtains remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure, if Sin and company succeed in any way whatsoever with Mysterio's illusions like this, it'll definitely result in the new Hydra making its mark in a big way, and maybe even outdoing the Red Skull in this universe.

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