Dead Man Logan Finale Assembles a New Avengers Team

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Dead Man Logan #12 by Ed Brisson, Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard and VC's Cory Petit, on sale Wednesday, Oct. 30.

The end may be near for Old Man Logan. The grizzled former X-Man hails from an alternate timeline where he mistakenly murdered his teammates, allowing the villains to win. Marvel continued his adventures in an Old Man Logan miniseries for the Secret Wars event, and its fallout transported the hero from the Wastelands to the Marvel Prime Universe.

With the original Wolverine deceased, Old Man Logan put his pride and embarrassment aside to rejoin the X-Men. However, due to his advanced age and the strain put on his healing factor over the years, Old Man Logan is slowly dying of Adamantium poisoning. Old Man Logan knows death is coming for him, which is why he finally got some closure with Mysterio, who is the villain that tricked him into killing the X-Men in his timeline.

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But now the conclusion of the Dead Man Logan miniseries finds Old Man Logan back in the Wastelands, and facing the same dangers and threats that he left behind. Thankfully this time he has some backup in the form of Dani Cage -- the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones -- and Bruce Banner Jr. They are up against Mister Sinister and Sabretooth at Hammer Falls, the location of Thor's enchanted hammer, Mjolnir.

Dani proved herself worthy to lift Mjolnir after suffering a gunshot wound, turning her into the new Thor. With a Hulk and Wolverine by her side, the trio forms the Avengers of the Wastelands in a preview of Dead Man Logan #12.

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There aren't many heroes left in the Old Man Logan reality, but the ones that are still active are making a difference. They all remember what happened to their friends, family members and teammates when the villains won, and they don't intend to let that happen again. Thor and Hulk have always been the strongest Avengers, and Old Man Logan isn't the fighter he used to be. He has to depend on a drug called Regenix to keep his healing factor afloat, and he's down to his last vial.

The taking of his last dose means Old Man Logan may have enough fight left in him to win the day, but it will be at the cost of his life. Wolverine versus Sabretooth is one of Marvel's premier rivalries, even if both men aren't what they used to be. The announcement of an Avengers of the Wastelands series means the heroes win the day, but the absence of Old Man Logan on the cover spells a bitter end for the former Avenger and X-Man.

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