Dead man displayed at wake in his Green Lantern costume

After 50-year-old Renato Garcia found a Green Lantern costume about a month ago among some discarded clothes, he began wearing it around his neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When he passed away last week, Garcia's family and neighbors thought it was only fitting that he continue to be a superhero in death, complete with power ring.

So, they had his embalmed body dressed in the costume and displayed, propped up, at his wake. "I know he would have liked it," his sister Milagros Garcia said.

Let's get this out of the way: This story contains photos of a dead body in a Green Lantern uniform leaning in a corner, so be warned.

"He did have really bad asthma and was regularly getting oxygen in the local hospital. He used to turn up there as well with his Green Lantern costume," Milagros Garcia is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail. "When he died it was the thing everybody was talking about, and so we thought it was obviously so much a part of him that we decided to bury him with it."

She told Primera Hora that she'd planned a normal burial for her brother, but the neighbors came up with this idea. Renato's dog even wore a little Green Lantern shirt to the wake.

The New York Daily News notes that the practice of posing embalmed corpses at wakes and funerals is becoming more common in Puerto Rico.

Renato Garcia is scheduled to be buried today.

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