A New Challenger Approaches in Dead Kings #2 Preview

Sasha Vasnetsov was looking for a savior at the end of Aftershock Comics' Dead Kings #1. Having just been picked up by the agents of the Oprichniki, Sasha was about to be shuffled off to an internment camp for degenerates. Several preview pages released by Aftershock Comics don’t show what that camp, called Ark-Angel, looks like, but they do reveal that Sasha might have recruited a savior after all.

The first issue largely revolved around Sasha trying to convince a retired warrior, called a Polianitsa, to help him free his brother from a similar camp. That warrior's name is Maria Kamenaya -- Stone Mary. Maria wasn't having any of Sasha's proposal, though, writing off his tale of woe as just one more sob story among thousands in this post-apocalypse.

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The art preview reveals that Sasha's words seemingly affected Maria more deeply than the reader was led to believe, as she is shown coming to Sasha's aid just as he is about to be transported to a truly hellish camp. While the preview only teases the fight that will inevitably ensue, it's clear the Oprichniki know exactly who they're up against and have no desire to throw down with Stone Mary.

Dead Kings #2 from Aftershock Comics goes on sale Dec. 12. A preview of the issue can be found below.

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