Dead Irons #4

The cursed siblings are drawn to the cult compound of Devin Irons and

the reborn abomination wearing the skin of their mother. An army of 99

innocent souls under the demonic influence of their father stand in the

way of this long coming family reunion. As the blood spills into the

streets, the final dark ritual is enacted and an otherworldly force

begins to seep into our reality.

When Silas uncovers the carnage unleashed by his siblings he must walk

in their steps to end the curse of the family line. But even his

righteous anger pales in comparison to the power that has been

unleashed in the wake of the slaughter. It's the final supernatural

showdown as the Irons collide and nothing can stand between the raw

hatred of a manipulative father and years of unimaginable horror

endured by an abused son.

Six guns and the supernatural collide in the explosive conclusion to

the Dead Irons saga. Written by James Kuhoric (Freddy vs. Jason vs.

Ash), illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander (BPRD), and based on

character designs and art direction by Jae Lee (The Dark Tower).

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