All the Fallen DC Heroes in Supergirl's Elseworlds Stinger

John Wesley Shipp in Elseworlds

The highly anticipated Arrowverse crossover "Elseworlds" technically doesn't launch until Sunday, Dec. 9, with a special episode of The Flash. But fans have been counting down the days until The Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl share the screen with Superman and Batwoman, which is why few expected to see the opening volley of the reality-altering event last night.

In the closing moments of this week's episode of Supergirl, viewers were transported in a post-credits scene to Earth-90, home of John Wesley Shipp's 1990 series The Flash. There, a veritable league of superheroes lay dead on a battlefield, defeated by the Monitor, with only Shipp's speedster left standing. There were some recognizable costumes among the carnage, and perhaps even a few surprises throw in. So who were all of the DC characters who fell to this new threat?

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The first glimpsed casualty of the Earth-90 massacre is one recognizable to fans of DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Stargirl. Courtney Whitmore's alter ego can be seen lying dead in the costume she wore on that series. Of course, given that this is Earth-90, this is undoubtedly a different Stargirl than the one from Legends -- particularly considering that Legends of Tomorrow's Stargirl was already killed during the second season.


Elseworlds - Huntress

As the camera pans from Stargirl, another familiar female crime-fighter comes into view. It's difficult to say with 100-percent certainty, but it certainly looks like the Huntress. The domino mask and leather coat lead us to believe that this is the Earth-90 version of Oliver Queen's former flame, who briefly appeared in seasons 1 and 2 of Arrow.

Firestorm and ... Spartan?


Another superhero who fell at the hands of the Monitor is one of the most powerful in the Arrowverse: Jefferson Jackson's Firestorm. Given that the Jefferson we know from Legends of Tomorrow is no longer Firestorm, this is more likely the Earth-90 version of the nuclear-powered hero.

But there's another fallen superhero in the same shot, at the lower left. It's difficult to say who that character is, but it could be either the Guardian or, more likely, Spartan. Both wear protective helmets, but the dark uniform leads us to believe it may be another version of John Diggle's alter ego. However, given that this is another Earth, it could always be a hybrid of the two superheroes. Perhaps, on Earth-90, John Diggle is known the Guardian.

Earth-90 Captain Cold

Supergirl stringer Earth-90 Captain Cold

The next casualty of Earth-90 is someone we didn't necessarily expect to see fighting alongside superheroes. While we have seen Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold in the Arrowverse, there was another version of the frigid villain in the 1990s The Flash series. The alter ego of Leonard Wynters, this Captain Cold was played by actor Michael Champion and sported white hair, just like the deceased character seen here.

That leads us to believe the cataclysmic attack by the Monitor on Earth-90 was enough to have foes become allies in the face of adversity. Sadly, only the Scarlet Speedster got to walk away from this fight.

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