De Liz's "The Legend of Wonder Woman" Series to Explore Character's Origin

DC Comics has announced "Womanthology's" Renae De Liz will write and illustrate a new digital comic series titled "The Legend of Wonder Woman," which focuses on Diana's origin. The nine-issue miniseries will debut in January 2016.

With inks and colors by Ray Dillon, De Liz's series focuses on Diana's life on Themyscira before she left the island to enter Man's World and fulfill her destiny as the Justice League's Wonder Woman. While most of the story will take place during her childhood on the island, the series will also explore her rise as Wonder Woman.

This won't be the first time Wonder Woman has had her own solo digital series; "The Legends of Wonder Woman" follows on the heels of the critically acclaimed "Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman" anthology, which featured writers and artists like Marguerite Bennett, Marguerite Sauvage and Noelle Stevenson. "Sensation Comics" will conclude this December, with "The Legends of Wonder Woman" filling the gap left in its wake.

"The Legends of Wonder Woman" is one of several new titles recently announced by DC Comics'. For instance, Len Wein will return to "Swamp Thing" with artist Kelley Jones, while Amy Chu and Clay Mann tackle a "Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death" miniseries and more.

"The Legends of Wonder Woman" will be available online starting in January.

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