De Gouw Returns To "Arrow" As The Huntress

With the focus "Arrow" has on the past, it should come as little surprise that yet another figure from the show's first season is scheduled to make a re-appearance. TV Guide reports that Jessica De Gouw is slated to return to "Arrow" as Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress in the March 26 episode, "Birds of Prey." The episode will feature the Huntress as she once again attempts to kill her father, crime lord Frank Bertinelli, as the Arrow and the Canary stand in her way.

"We consider Jessica a member of the 'Arrow' family and we're looking forward to having her back for an episode everyone will be talking about after," executive producer Marc Guggenheim told TV Guide.

"Birds of Prey" (an episode name that should mean quite a bit to DC Comics fans) will mark De Gouw's first appearance in "Arrow" season two -- understandable, considering her current starring role as Mina Murray on "Dracula." She last appeared in "Arrow" season one's "The Huntress Returns," where she unsuccessfully attempted to kill her father. In the process, Oliver's then-girlfriend Detective McKenna Hall was injured, causing her to leave Starling City for a year of rehab.

"Birds of Prey" airs March 26 on the CW.

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