DDP Announces New "Forgotten Realms" And Collected Editions

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL – June 27, 2006 – This August, Devil's Due Publishing, Inc. presents FORGOTTEN REALMSTM THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT VOL. IV: THE CRYSTAL SHARD #1 (of 3) (cvr A JUN063049E, cvr B JUN063050E). Fantasy hero DRIZZT is back in a new 48pg, three-issue comic book adaptation! Also in August, previous installments of the popular FORGOTTEN REALMS series, VOL. III – SOJOURN TRADE PAPERBACK (JUN063052E) and VOL. II – EXILE HARDBACK EDITION (JUN063051E), hit store shelves. FORGOTTEN REALMS is under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS).

THE CRYSTAL SHARD retells the fourth installment of R.A. Salvatore's bestselling series of novels published by Wizards of the Coast Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro. Expertly adapted by Andrew Dabb (DRAGONLANCE, Atomika), and illustrated by Tim Seeley (G.I. JOE, FORGOTTEN REALMS, HACK/SLASH), the series is available in two stunning covers, and is sure to be a fan favorite for years to come.

Additionally in August, VOL. III – SOJOURN TRADE PAPERBACK, collecting the third FORGOTTEN REALMS series, and VOL. II – EXILE HARDBACK EDITION, featuring a dust jacket and limited print run, are a must-have for any fantasy collector.

"It's exciting to be adapting the fourth novel in R.A Salvatore's LEGEND OF DRIZZT series. Man, time flies when you're having fun! The response to our fantasy adaptations from reviewers and fans alike have been nothing short of amazingly positive." said Josh Blaylock, president of Devil's Due Publishing. "In our fourth installment, DRIZZT has found home in the ICEWIND DALE which brings our hero new dangers. With every new page, even die-hard fans will be pleased with the way we've put this stunning piece of work on the comics' page. "

"August is FORGOTTEN REALMS month, so to speak," said Susan Bishop, VP of Marketing. "All of these books will be available in time for everyone at GenCon Indy."

View Covers Here: http://www.devilsdue.net/promo/ForgottenRealms_Crystal/

• ABOUT FORGOTTEN REALMS THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT VOL. IV: THE CRYSTAL SHARD #1 (of 3) (cvr A JUN063049E, cvr B JUN063050E) – Adapting the fourth novel in R.A. Salvatore's acclaimed "Legend of Drizzt" series! At long last, Drizzt Do'urden has found a home in the secluded Icewind Dale. But his hard-fought peace is threatened by the awakening of the fabled Crystal Shard-an occult device of unimaginable destructive power…FORGOTTEN REALMS THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT VOL. IV: THE CRYSTAL SHARD #1 (of 3) ships bi-monthly beginning this August, featuring two stunning covers: standard, $4.95 (Cover A) by Tim Seeley; cardstock, $8.95 (Cover B) by Tyler Walpole.

• ABOUT FORGOTTEN REALMS THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT VOL. III: SOJOURN TRADE PAPERBACK (JUN063052E) - Collecting the adaptation of R.A. Salvatore's NY Times-bestselling novel! Drizzt DoUrden has forsaken his subterranean home for the harsh unknown of the surface. The young warrior begins a sojourn through a world utterly unlike his own-and finds that acceptance among the surface-dwellers will only come at a great price…FORGOTTEN REALMS THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT VOL. III: SOJOURN TRADE PAPERBACK, the 160 page graphic novel is priced at $14.95.

"Salvatore has every reason to be pleased and proud! 10 out of 10!" –SequentialTart.com

• ABOUT FORGOTTEN REALMS THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT VOL. II: EXILE COMIC BOOK HARDBACK (JUN063051E) - Compiling the second volume of R.A. Salvatore's masterful Legend of Drizzt trilogy in a Hardback Collectors Edition! Drizzt Do'urden has fled the treacherous society of his people to seek peace and justice in the wilderness of the Underdark. But even as he confronts fearsome new enemies, his family has sworn to destroy him-using the only person Drizzt ever loved: his father! SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE:

Protective dust jacket

Exclusive comprehensive glossary of Exile

Introduction by Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood

Fold-Out Map and Poster

Exile Character Profiles

FORGOTTEN REALMS THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT VOL. II: EXILE COMIC BOOK HARDBACK, the 160 page hard cover graphic novel with a protective dust jacket is priced at $14.95.

"Devil's Due has assembled a crack team of creators to treat the source material with the respect it deserves. Kudos to Andrew Dabb for the adaptation and to Tim Seeley for his vivid pencils!" ~ComicReaders.com Reserve your copy today.

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Devil's Due Publishing was formed in 1999 as both a commercial art studio and a small press comic book publisher. DDP's first breakout success was 2001's revamp of G.I. JOE, returning the long-lost 1980s characters to comics. Fans bought over 100,000 copies per month, immediately propelling G.I. JOE to the top of the charts. Today, DDP's lineup includes FORGOTTEN REALMS, DRAGONLANCE, G.I. JOE: AMERICA'S ELITE, FAMILY GUY, eigoManga, Hack/Slash, Capcom's Killer 7, Monkey Pharmacy's Elsinore, and indie comics' magazine Lo-Fi.


The Hasbro Properties Group (HPG), the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro, Inc., (NYSE:HAS), translates one of the industry's richest portfolios of brands into a world of fun and excitement for children and adults globally. Through a host of publishing, digital media, lifestyle and entertainment platforms, HPG is able to surround fans worldwide with consumer products that expand Hasbro's core brands, such as TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, MY LITTLE PONY, MONOPOLY, G.I. JOE, TONKA and PLAYSKOOL.DRAGONLANCE, DRAGONLANCE CHRONICLES, FORGOTTEN REALMS AND FORGOTTEN REALMS THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. in the USA and other countries, and are used with permission.

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