DCU's Timestream Gets a "Booster" from Dixon

The adventures of DC Comics' resident Time Lord and his eponymous title "Booster Gold" have been solids performer since the book debuted in August 2007, having built itself a loyal (and vocal) fanbase. So when it was announced here at CBR in January that superstar writer Geoff Johns was leaving the book after 12 issues, online forums immediately lit up with questions of who would follow he and co-author Jeff Katz' popular run.

And while DC has yet to announce the writer in question, veteran Bat-book scribe Chuck Dixon ("Robin," "Batman and the Outsiders") boards the time machine in August to pen a two-part story in issues #11 and #12 that picks up from where July's issue #1,000,000 leaves off.

"I always enjoyed the character and used to like the inter-play between Booster and Blue Beetle," Chuck Dixon told CBR News. "His motivations aren't entirely altruistic which makes him stand out from the other heroes. He's kind of like the characters Steve McQueen or James Garner used to play, guys with their own selfish interests at heart, who will do the right thing in the end."

Dixon, who wrote "Detective Comics," "Robin," "Catwoman," "Nightwing" and "Birds of Prey" for much of the 1990s, revealed his two-part story re-visits an arc he wrote when he was on "Detective Comics." "It's a time travel book so we can do that," laughed Dixon. "There will be lots of Batfolks and a killer scene with Alfred. It's all kind of 'Bat to the Future.'"

Dixon said his arc does not tie into "Final Crisis." "No. Dodged that bullet," he laughed. "The continuity involved presented enough problems."

The fan favorite writer added while his arc will not lead into Grant Morrison's major DCU event, it will lay the groundwork, in a way, for the next "Booster Gold" arc by the to-be-announced permanent scribe.

A highlight for Dixon in writing "Booser Gold," even for two issues, was working with the art team of penciler/creator Dan Jurgens and inker Norm Rapmund. "That was the big draw for me," said Dixon. "Dan and I have worked together only once before and it was just me playing catch-up on dialogue. I've wanted to do something more substantial with him for a while. And this book was a dream to write. I love the time travel/paradox stuff and this was a blast from beginning to end.

"It's no wonder this book is doing well. The stories are great, Dan's doing the best work of his career and it's all geared to briskly paced fun. I'm happy to play a small part."

In other Dixon news, the writer has an upcoming three-issue sting on Bongo's "Simpsons Comics," running from #142 to #144. "One of the issues is a satire of DC's war comics and it's drawn by Dan Spiegle," said Dixon.

"Booster Gold" #11 goes on sale in August.

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