"DCU Online" Accelerates with "Lightning Strikes" Flash Upgrade

It looks like things are about to get up to speed in "DC Universe Online," as Sony Online Entertainment has announced a Flash-centric downloadable expansion for the popular multiplayer game.

Titled "Lightning Strikes," the expansion will feature the fastest man alive, while introducing a variety of new electricity-based superpowers to the game.

"In this DLC pack, fans have the opportunity to immerse themselves in another great character and action-packed story from the DC Universe," said Jens Andersen, Creative Director for "DC Universe," who spoke with CBR News and the media during a conference call. "With exciting gameplay, a new power set and new locations to share with your friends, we packed a whole new kind of fun into this DLC pack, and are eager for our players to dive into another legendary adventure."

The pack will introduce the classic DC Universe locale Central City to the DCU's online incarnation while adding modifications to both Gotham City and Metropolis, providing new areas for players to check out during both multiple solo and group missions. In addition, A Flash Museum Duo will also be accessible, giving gamers the ability to visit it both in the present and the past, with the option to experience the moment where Barry Allen became the Flash. They'll also be able to fight foes alongside the scarlet speedster within the Central City Police Station.

And The Flash isn't the only one joining the party. The character sports one of the most colorful rogues galleries in comics, and some of the Rogues will be making their first appearances in the "DC Universe Online" world as bounties, including the Top, Trickster, the Pied Piper and others, along with heroes Static and Black Lightning. With the update, you'll have the option of hunting specific bounties depending if whether or not you play as a hero or villain. Additional bounties will be "inspired" by other areas of the DC Universe, with a number of new options.

Also part of this upgrade pack are a selection of new Electricity Powers. You'll be able to enable this set into your own move list, powering-up your character with techniques like the Tesla Ball, which creates a fireball-like projectile attack that fries anyone that touches it; and the Ionic Drain, which saps energy from surrounding objects to replenish a player's health, as it does damage to others.

Additional gear will also be available, including costume sets for heroes and villains alike. Good guys can dress up in Black Lightning duds, while baddies can take advantage of the new Professor Zoom gear.

"Lightning Strikes" does not yet have a specific release date, but it will be available before year's end. For Legendary-subscription players, it's free of charge, but those on the free-to-play or Premium memberships will need to pay $9.99. It will be released for both PC and PlayStation 3 simultaneously.

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