DC's Trinity Share Dinner in Issue #1, But Dessert is Rather Odd

Thanks to DC Comics' Rebirth event, writer and artist Francis Manapul finds himself with the opportunity to formally introduce Superman to Batman and Wonder Woman again for the first time; that is, the first time for this incarnation of Superman to have a private sit-down with The Dark Knight and Amazon warrior of his newly adopted home world. In fact, it's not even The Big Three as the world knows them who are having a get-together; instead, it's simply Diana and Bruce Wayne coming by for a visit, much to Clark's surprise, at the behest of Lois in order for Clark and his allies to get to know each other. While these three heroes have already had recent dealings in "Superman" and "Justice League," this is the first time during the "Rebirth" initiative, and perhaps ever, that this super-trinity has sat down for a quiet dinner.

That dinner almost consists of a freshly killed wild boar, courtesy of Diana, arriving at the "Smith" homestead alongside a noticeably uncomfortable Bruce, who suffers an errant blast of heat vision from an excited Jon upon their arrival. After everyone has sat down to dinner, the conversation turns to one of Batman's more colorful past adventures, namely as the so-called "Rainbow Batman," recounting the events from the classic "Detective Comics" #241 when Bruce wore a series of garish Batman costumes to draw notice away from an injury recently suffered by Robin.

Bruce curtly professes no knowledge of this incident, which could simply be because it was not this version of Batman who experienced this adventure. More curiously, it could also be a teaser acknowledging some continuity-altering or other far-reaching reason, yet to be revealed, as the cause.

Bruce then explains how the loss of both his parents as well as those of the Clark he had known helped forged their friendship; a bond that he doesn't have with Clark's new doppelganger. Diana subsequently reveals to Lois how her homeland of Themyscira is lost to her, and for the time being at least, the two find a common bond of trying to survive in a world that is not their own. Ultimately, Diana seeks to learn from Lois how to do just that, should she never be able to return to her home.

As night falls, Clark puts Jon to bed as he and Bruce begin to find some commonality in their feelings regarding their younger protégés, while Lois and Diana continue to forge their friendship. Meanwhile, strange, glowing vines begin to suddenly sprout in the vicinity of the homestead barn, giving some relevance to an earlier comment made by Jon regarding the seeds he was seen planting earlier that evening; seeds he had procured free of charge from an odd stranger.

As Clark, Bruce and Diana chat outside, Clark hears a voice calling to him from inside the barn. As the trio investigates, with no one seeming to notice the surrounding vine growth, Clark opens the door to discover a past vision of his younger self, or some version thereof, along with his adoptive father Jonathan Kent, superimposed over the group's reflection in a full-size mirror stored inside.

That strange occurrence closes out the issue, with the single word tease for next month's "Trinity" #2, "Smallville," hinting at a possible expectation. The next issue, and presumably first clue to this new mystery, arrives October 19.

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