DC's "Stormwatch" to End with April's #30

DC Comics quietly announced the end of New 52 ongoing series "Stormwatch" on Tuesday, with the series set to end with April 2014's issue #30.

The news was revealed in a "New Artist Spotlight" posted Wednesday on DC's official site, highlighting Jeremy Roberts, who will illustrate "Stormwatch" #30. Roberts came to DC's attention via their "Open Talent Search" to find an artist to draw one page of "Harley Quinn" #0, released this week (in a significantly more toned-down form than the controversial originally released script).

"Stormwatch" first started life in 1993, when Jim Lee's Wildstorm imprint was a part of Image Comics. The Wildstorm characters migrated to the DC Universe in 2011 after "Flashpoint," and "Stormwatch" was among the initial crop of New 52 series launched in September 2011, with the creative team of writer Paul Cornell and artist Miguel Sepulveda. Paul Jenkins and Peter Milligan both followed Cornell on the series, with Jim Starlin -- best known for his work on Marvel Comics' cosmic characters -- taking over earlier this year with issue #19.

With "Stormwatch" ending, DC Comics has no currently announced book with overt ties to the former Wildstorm Universe -- fellow New 52 series "Grifter," "Voodoo," "Team 7" and "The Ravagers" (which featured "Gen 13" character Fairchild) all ended their runs in the past two years.

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