DC's 'Sleeper' #4 sells out

Official Press Release

The fourth issue of WildStorm's acclaimed title SLEEPER is now sold out at DC, as has the second issue of the series. This ongoing Eye of the Storm title is written by Ed Brubaker with art and covers by Sean Phillips.

"This is great news, really," says Brubaker. "Buzz on this book has been stronger than anything I've ever worked on - Hell, we even got a full-page write-up in Wizard this month - so it's nice to see the issues are starting to move a little faster. Still, I hear almost daily from fans who are having trouble finding the series, so I hope the book's selling-out will get it onto the radar for more retailers."

Here's what some retailers are saying about SLEEPER:

"For me, [SLEEPER] sells about equal to JLA and JSA," said Austin Books' Brad Bankston.

"We're selling double [JLA numbers] on SLEEPER," said Jim Crocker at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA.

And Matt Price of Speeding Bullet Comics in Norman, OK, says, "Sleeper is doing well for us...selling about 30% of New X-Men numbers."

Here's what the critics are saying about SLEEPER:

"If you're in any way truly interested in what can be done with the concept of people with super-powers in a more real world setting, and you're brave enough to do it without revamped versions of the characters you grew up with, buy SLEEPER. You'll thank me, really." - BrokenFrontier.com

"As SLEEPER gets deeper into the super-villain underworld that is the setting, I find myself liking it more and more." - TheFourthRail.com

"...substantial and entertaining... exceptionally good." - SlushFactory.com

"SLEEPER mixes deep-cover agents, crime drama, and the ugly side of paranormal beings into a real winner. Trust me, you should be reading SLEEPER." - iComics

"Get this book. Now. This is the best new book I have read in a while." - Comixtreme.com

"The dialogue is terse and suitably confrontational, the first person narration flows like a dream..." - SilverBulletComicBooks.com

"It's an excellent beginning, and sophisticated enough to reach a wider, non-super-hero audience if given the chance." - MoviePoopShoot.com

"...one of the cleverest and most original comics to come out of WildStorm in years..." - Herorealm.com

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