DC's RWBY Comic Gets a Jim Lee-Illustrated Variant Cover

Recently, the hit Rooster Teeth animated web series RWBY received its own comic book from DC Comics. Now, DC's very own Jim Lee has taken a stab at the titular team with a gorgeous variant cover that gives off a very '90s vibe with its art style.

Uploaded to Lee's Twitter, the cover features Team RWBY standing on what appears to be a mountaintop while looking ready to do battle, with most of their weapons present. Team leader Ruby Rose stands at the very top, while Blake Belladonna appears at the very bottom.

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To the left stands Weiss Schnee, looking like she's ready to use her Semblance, which is the RWBY term for one's special power. Yang Xiao Long appears at the right, her prosthetic arm missing and her left fist glowing. Adding to the image, rose petals seem to emanate from Ruby's cloak.

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Aside from having a '90s comic book aesthetic to it, the cover also presents Team RWBY as having a very strong presence, with the background and Lee's art style successfully heightening it.

Created by Monty Oum, Rooster Teeth Animation's RWBY stars the voices of Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Shannon McCormick, Neath Oum, Samantha Ireland, Jessica Nigri, Michael Jones, Jason Liebrecht, Aaron Dismuke, Garrett Hunter and Jen Taylor. The series returns for Volume 7 on Nov. 2.

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