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DC’s Rebirth Mysteries Explored in Justice League vs Suicide Squad

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DC’s Rebirth Mysteries Explored in Justice League vs Suicide Squad

When Rebirth exploded on the comic book scene in May 2016 with the release of “DC Universe: Rebirth” one-shot, the revelations and mysteries buried within the 80-page issue came fast and furious.

We’re now five months deep into the Rebirth era of the DCU, and fans have responded eagerly and positively to the new status quo. DC’s sales are leading the industry, and the publisher’s line has receive near-universal positive reaction from fans on a creative level due in no small part to the return of a sense of legacy to the DC Universe. And make no mistake about it — it’s been a very intentional shift from the New 52 approach to storytelling to the current re-embracing of DC Comics’ legacy characters and continuity.

“When we did Rebirth, there was a couple of things that we took away from a lot of the conversations we had with fans and retailers,” co-publisher Dan DiDio told CBR in a recent interview. “Two of the things that seem to be missing the most from DC in the New 52 line and that period of time was the sense of the generational aspect, the sense of legacy, but also the sense of connectivity — the shared universe.”

That said, the question remains of how the Watchmen messing-with-continuity plotline introduced in the “Rebirth” special plays into the DCU’s new focus on legacy. And perhaps more importantly, when can fans expect some answers as to who, exactly, is pulling the DCU’s strings, and why? According to DiDio, at least a few mysteries will begin to be solved in early 2017, in the pages of “Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.”

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“We’ve had that chance to build that foundation with these characters, establish them with their own series, now we’re in a spot where we can cross them over, we know who they are, we know how they behave, as well as move the big storyline forward,” DiDio said. “Things that were introduced in the ‘DC Universe: Rebirth’ special will be played out a little bit here, and the slow reveals are going to be coming. This will be one of the first moments where we see some of that being revealed, some of those questions being seen. We might get an answer or two, we’ll get a lot more questions, but you’ll get a sense that the universe is definitely moving forward.”

Check back with CBR soon for our full interview with Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, where we discuss Warren Ellis’ WildStorm, the success of Rebirth, the publisher’s renewed focus on Vertigo, and much, much more.

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