DC's push for the New 52: A Supergirl for <i>The Hunger Games</i> crowd

USA Today talks with Supergirl co-writers Mike Johnson and Michael Green about their approach to the relaunched title, and provides a five-page preview of the first issue, which goes on sale Wednesday. "We're really excited about the opportunity to hand this book to a female reader who is into things like The Hunger Games," Johnson says. "This is a strong character with her own point of view."

• Writer J.T. Krul will be replaced by Keith Giffen and artist Dan Jurgens on Green Arrow with December's Issue 4. The news comes just days after John Rozum announced he's leaving Static Shock.

• J.H. Williams III chats at length with Death and Taxes about Batwoman: "In the Kate Kane scenes, all the design is taken out, for the most part. The pages become very traditional, the layouts are not as fantastical; I remove 99% of all the black from the art in those scenes, because I want this sense of clarity. These are all things to make it very simple and very direct and very clear, and this all subconsciously says that Kate Kane — and I think this is key, because her being gay and wanting this character to be a good symbolic character of someone who’s gay, someone who’s accepted that and is not struggling with it — Kate Kane knows exactly who she is, so the clear art and all the details being very prevalent is symbolic of that. She has nothing to hide in terms of who she is deep down inside. Now, when she’s Batwoman, that’s where things become more ambiguous for her. Though she knows who she is as Kate Kane, she still in a lot of way is figuring out who she is as Batwoman. That’s a much darker, spookier world, and less sure; it is also a more extreme and harder-edged world, and the art, these painterly approaches and murky textures in combination with sharp, rigid panel arrangements and more fanciful layouts, speaks to the extremeness of that."

IGN.com offers a look at Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, while Hero Complex previews Nightwing #1 and Captain Atom #1.

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