DC's plot to destroy Nightwing is even older than we thought

In the 75 years since he was introduced as the original Robin, Dick Grayson has inspired a legacy and numerous imitators, battled a staggering array of criminals, led the Teen Titans, graduated to the identity of Nightwing, and even assumed the mantle of Batman, for a while. But his greatest achievement very well may be surviving the past decade of DC Comics.

DC Entertainment Co-Publisher has gone on the record time and again that he wanted Nightwing as the "big death" in 2005's Infinite Crisis, which was underscored in January when he uncovered the original whiteboard pages for the event's timeline (Jason Todd then would've assumed Nighting's identity, only to be rejected by the Bat-Family). However, it turns out that plans for Dick Grayson's downfall predate even that.

DiDio recently found a discarded 2004 pitch for "Crisis II," or "Crisis in Infinite Futures," which he characterizes as the "first serious attempt at pulling the continuity together during my tenure" (he joined DC in 2002, and was named executive editor in October 2004). The document lays out a scenario in which the future is being destroyed, with the multiple timelines of the DC Universe collapsing into one. The premise is intriguing, but the possible effects ("echoes") may be more interesting.

From what we can see from DiDio's photo of the document, in addition to Gog from Kingdom Come emerging as a major villain, "Crisis II" would trigger "the Breaking of Dick Grayson," as Batman's former sidekick "travels down a dark path" to emerge as his greatest nemesis.

There's also the targeted dissolution of the marriage of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, which also appeared on that original Infinite Crisis "hit list." Of course, that finally did happen -- some eight years later -- with the launch of the New 52. So watch your back, Dick Grayson, DC may just be biding its time.

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