DC's Original Power Couple is "Unbreakable" in Jurgens' "Superman: Lois & Clark"

In DC Comics' "Superman: Lois and Clark," living legend Dan Jurgens and artist Lee Weeks follow a Lois Lane and Clark Kent from a world where the two are married with a son, Jonathan Samuel Kent. But as they've arrived on Earth Prime following the events of "Convergence," there's the small problem of another Lois and Clark running (and flying) around Metropolis, which forces this Lois and Clark into hiding.

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Jurgens wouldn't reveal if the Clarks and Loises would meet in "Superman: Lois and Clark," but he did tell CBR News the differences between the conflicting power couples would definitely be explored. For instance, now that Lois has also lost her birth planet, Jurgens shared that the Kents now have that in common. Combine that with their son and you have a couple whose commitment to each other is 'unbreakable.'

The fan-favorite creator also shared his thoughts on the New 52's Superman/Wonder Woman relationship and teased what to expect from the Superman-Lex Luthor dynamic in "Superman: Lois and Clark."

CBR News: First off, I have to admit, you got me. When I spoke with you and Dan DiDio about "Convergence," while the event was in its early stages, I didn't think in a million years that when you said the entire history of the DCU would be explored and reflected in DC Comics post-"Convergence" that we would have not one but two distinct Supermans -- and two Loises -- when all was said and done. It's hard enough to imagine a world with Superman. What does it mean for the DCU now that there are two?

Dan Jurgens: The concept of a world with two guys who think of themselves as Superman is certainly something we're going to explore. What makes them different? How do they function when trying to solve the same problem? What does their basic differences in ages mean when they have to deal with a problem? They're different characters with different lives -- just one of the things that will make for an intriguing series.

You mentioned age. Obviously, pre-"Flashpoint" Superman is older than New 52 Superman, but beyond inherent maturity and age what separates the Men of Tomorrow? And where are the similarities?

Their lives are substantially different. One is married to, and fully committed to, Lois Lane. They have a child. The other is not. And even when you factor in the idea of having the same basic commitment to protecting Earth, those facts make them very different characters.

Is the DCU big enough for two Supermans? Or is it Supermen? What is the relationship between the two Superman in your series? Will the two Supermans even meet?

In terms of them meeting... stay tuned. For now, however, the Superman I've been writing about has been living here, doing his work secretly. It's a different kind of mission.

Again, stating the obvious, but the major, major difference between the two is that pre-"Flashpoint" Superman is with Lois and the couple now has a baby while New 52 Superman is dealing/coping with Lois and the truth that she's recently revealed to the world in that Clark Kent is Superman. Can you talk about pre-"Flashpoint" Lois and Clark and what a baby means to the power couple?

I think of it as something that unifies them even more. Think of it this way. Superman was always the last son of Krypton. He'd lost his home planet. That has now happened to both Lois and Clark. It's something they have in common. That's a strong element they share and when you combine that with Jon and their commitment to each other -- it's unbreakable. As they're living here in rather secret fashion, the concept of the other Lois outing Superman as Clark is simply horrifying.

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What can you tell us about Jonathan Samuel Kent? It seems like he's aged a bit since we last saw him in "Convergence: Superman."

He's about 9-years-old. He has no idea of his parents' past lives, as they do everything possible to give him an incredibly normal upbringing. In terms of looks, he resembles Clark. In terms of character, he has more of young Lois' spitfire attitude. He's less responsive to authority that young Clark was. More curious.

While many fans loved the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman in the New 52 -- there are countless fans who feel Clark's one true love is Lois. What did you think about the Superman and Wonder Woman relationship in the New 52? And how did that relationship differ from the one between Lois and Clark that readers have known for 75 years?

I always saw that version of Superman and Wonder Woman as very different characters than the ones I had worked on -- especially Superman. I understood why people liked it and why people didn't. It's a major step and when that happens there can be lots of room for different feelings and reactions.

The solicitation for "Superman: Lois and Clark" #1 asks the question: "Can this Superman stop the villains he once fought before they are created on this world?" Can you give us any more info on which villains we might see in the series?

That'd be cheating! [Laughs] But think of it this way. On his Earth, Superman fought a villain named Dynamiter X who was really an ex-con named Joe Smith. Wouldn't it be prudent for Superman, now on a new world, to check out that version of Joe Smith to see if he's also on the way to becoming Dynamiter X?

Yes, it would be prudent. Who or what is Intergang?

For the purposes of our series, Intergang is an international criminal organization that wields a tremendous amount of influence in any number of different areas. At this point, Lois is involved with them more than Superman.

Does Jimmy Olsen play a role in this series? And if so, which one?

Their Jimmy didn't make the jump so any contact with Jimmy would feature the one from this current DCU.

And of course, we can't have Superman without Lex Luthor, can we?

I'll leave it at this: Superman ain't buyin' what this Luthor is sellin'. Never would, never will. He's seen too much.

"Superman: Lois and Clark" #1, by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks, is scheduled for release October 14.

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