DC's "New Last Issues" Idea is a Clever One

I gotta hand it to DC, their idea to have a month-long event of sorts (in the midst of their Blackest Night "breather month") where they have special "new" last issues of a variety of canceled titles is a clever one.

Obviously, Starman #81 by Robinson is the biggest one, but I'm looking forward the most to seeing a Suicide Squad #67 by John Ostrander!

And I bet that Atom and Hawkman issue by Geoff Johns will be an important one for the Blackest Night story!

Although it's odd to me that they have Eric Wallace writing the Power of Shazam one instead of Jerry Ordway (no offense intended to Eric Wallace, as he's a fine writer, but it seems weird to not give it to Ordway, especially as he just did some JSA issues for DC, so it's not like they don't know he's around).

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