DC's New Executives Speak

It's a chipper day at 1700 Broadway this morning, for understandable reasons. With three of DC Comics longest-running creative and editorial presences stepping into new executive roles as Dan Didio and Jim Lee have been named Co-Publishers and Geoff Johns Creative Director, the publisher has already started rolling out early statements form their new bosses via the official DC blog The Source.

Word came first from the woman who put the team in place, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson who after praising the many years of work done by departing publisher Paul Levitz explained a bit about the role each new hire would play along with Warner Brothers executive John Rood and longtime DC Controller Pat Caldon. "It has been my observation that business partnerships - actually, any partnership, really - are rarely effective unless the partners choose each other. This partnership - both Dan and Jim as Co-Publishers and Geoff, John and Pat as executive partners with them - was a very organic and natural one. And this team is brimming with respect for one another and excitement at what this combination can achieve."

Befitting of their shared status, Didio and Lee issued a joint statement explaining to fans, "You can't just change everything, simply for the sake of change...With our respective experiences and history with DC and our relationships with the world's best writers and artists, our mission is to reinvent DC Comics to prepare it for the challenges and opportunities in this quickly changing world. With the Co-Publisher structure, it's going to allow us to be in many places at once, both literally and metaphorically; to better position DC as one of the great creative engines which fuels and defines so much of our world's Pop Culture while making sure we continue to address and redefine what makes DC's characters so great."

Finally, Johns stepped up to have his say, starting with one simple word: "WOW." The longtime DC writer went on to say of his connection to the company, "There is no place on Earth that has a more diverse and deep universe of characters and worlds. From Atrocitus to Y: The Last Man. My love for DC started when I first saw the Flash take on Captain Cold in the Challenge of the Super-Friends. I never ate my Honeycomb that fast. It when I bought my first comic books in 1985, including Crisis on Infinite Earths, alongside my Super Powers figures and only grew over the years until I broke into the industry myself.

"Under the leadership of Jim and Dan, I'll continue writing and giving my creative input as I have been in comic books. But expanding onto that, Diane's asked me to take our comic book world, embrace it (as I do) and use it to lead the creative charge on bringing it all to film, toys, television, video games, animation and beyond. The Justice Society appearing on Smallville was only the beginning."

Look for more from the new executive team later today on CBR!

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