DC's March Titles Get The "Robot Chicken" Treatment

The second "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special" is set to air sometime this year, and DC Comics will start the hype in March with a series of 22 variant covers based on the show's signature visual style. TV Guide has posted the first eight covers from the initiative, similar to the in the special "Aquaman" #12 "Robot Chicken" variant designed to promote the first special. The publishing schedule for the variant cover books are as follows:

  • March 5: Action Comics No. 29, Detective Comics No. 29, Earth 2 No. 21
  • March 12: Batgirl No. 29, Batman No. 29, Green Lantern Corps No. 29, Justice League of America No. 13, Nightwing No. 29, Superman/Wonder Woman No. 6
  • March 19: Batman & Two-Face No. 29, Batwoman No. 29, Green Lantern: New Guardians No. 29, Harley Quinn No. 4, Justice League No. 29, Wonder Woman No. 29
  • March 26: Aquaman No. 29, Batman/Superman No. 9, The Flash No. 29, Justice League DarkNo. 29, Superman No. 29, Teen Titans No. 29
  • April 2: Forever Evil No. 7

DC's "Robot Chicken" variant month for March is the latest in a number of recent themed-variant cover initiatives for the publisher, including February's steampunk cover initiative and January's "Scribblenauts Unmasked" variant covers.

Check out the "Robot Chicken"-themed variant covers below.

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