DC's "Lucifer" Receives Pilot Order From Fox

Variety has learned that the television series based on the DC/Vertigo series "Lucifer" has received a pilot order from Fox. The pilot for the hourlong drama series will be directed by Len Wiseman ("Sleepy Hollow," "Underworld"), who will also serve as executive producer, alongside Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman.

As described by Variety, Fox's "Lucifer" will follow the former Lord of Hell as he sets up shop in Los Angeles and assists the LAPD with tracking down and punishing criminals. "Californication" writer and executive producer Tom Kapinos wrote the pilot and will also serve as EP on the potential series.

A spinoff of Neil Gaiman's acclaimed "Sandman" series, the original "Lucifer" series ran from 2000 to 2006 under DC Comics' mature readers imprint, Vertigo, with writer Mike Carey scripting all 75 issues. Artist Peter Gross illustrated the majority of the seven-year run as well. In the series, Lucifer ran a piano bar in LA called Lux.

The adaptation was revealed to be in development back in September. CBR reached out to Carey after the news broke, and the writer shared his response about the initial announcement. "We're very excited at the possibilities this opens up, and very curious to see how the creative team on the series handles the core characters and situations," wrote Carey back in September. "There are lots of different ways into the story and lots of different ways of navigating once you're up and running. Obviously the starting point for 'Lucifer,' the bedrock, is a set of characters defined by Neil Gaiman in 'The Sandman,' and I'd assume that that's the story the pilot will tell -- some version of the 'Season Of Mists' storyline from 'Sandman,' with or without Morpheus in the mix. But after that it's all very much up for grabs. I'm watching in fascination. It will be very cool if our characters and plotlines end up being referenced."

If "Lucifer" gets a series order from Fox, it will be the second DC-inspired drama on the network following "Gotham." The publisher already has three series on the CW: the superhero series "Arrow" and "The Flash," plus a show based on another Vertigo property, "iZombie." It remains to be seen if NBC's "Constantine," based on the long running Vertigo series "Hellblazer," will receive a second season.

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