"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" Reveals Rip Hunter's Connection to Jonah Hex

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers from "The Magnificent Eight," tonight's episode of The CW's "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," follow. At publication, the episode has yet to air on the west coast.

On "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," team leader Rip Hunter dresses as if he's born of two worlds: the future and the Old West. And as tonight's episode, "The Magnificent Eight," reveals, his duster and laser revolver have more significance than just looking cool.

After the Legends travel to Salvation, Texas circa 1871, they run in to DC fan favorite Jonah Hex (as played by Johnathon Schaech, who discussed the role with CBR). It's soon revealed that he and Rip know each other very well. And why not? Rip's a former Time Master. It makes sense that he's come to this era before. By the end of the episode though, it's clear that his time spent among saloons, tumbleweeds, and showdowns added up to more than just a brief visit. While stationed in the Oklahoma town of Calvert, he met his future wife, Miranda, along with Hex and many others.

He and Miranda soon left Calvert, however, as Rip -- being a Time Master and all -- knew it would soon get destroyed by marauding outlaws. This becomes a point of contention between him and Hex, who, after giving Rip a few well-deserved licks, strongly urges him to stay and save Salvation from suffering the same fate. Read more about this in our full recap later tonight.

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