DC's Justice League of America Enlists Batman, Black Canary and ... Lobo

More than three weeks after Vixen, Killer Frost, The Ray and Ryan Choi's Atom were announced as part of the lineup of DC Comics' new "Justice League of America," we now know the final three members: Batman, Black Canary and ... brace yourself ... Lobo.

Yes, the Main Man, sporting a look that more closely resembles his original design than his New 52 makeover, is joining the Justice League. The news arrives courtesy of IGN, which debuted series artist Ivan Reis' cover for "Justice League of America" #1, arriving in February.

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“He's the Lobo we all love, causing mayhem," writer Steve Orlando tells the website. "He'll be giving people what they want but at the same time he does have a code. The main man's word is his bond, man. I think that's important. That's one of the things that guides him through life. We find out a little bit what's behind this character. Not to soften him, but to give him more depth because he's still the hard partying, bullshit calling, bullshit calling especially, it's what I love about him, but if anyone is there to remind them that they're taking themselves too seriously to remind people that they're hypocrites, it's him."

He added, "I mean, he's on a team with Batman, he's not going to exploding people's brains all over the place, but that's not to say that that's not going to cause conflict and he's not going to want to.”

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Speaking of Batman, the Caped Crusader will serve on both this team and the Justice League proper (as depicted in the title written by Bryan Hitch and drawn by Tony S. Daniel), with Orlando explaining that his reason for joining will be rooted in "Justice League vs. Suicide Squad," which kicks off Dec. 21.

Ahead of the February debut of "Justice League of America," DC in January will release four one-shots spotlighting some of the members: "Justice League of America: Vixen," by Orlando, Jody Houser and Jamal Campbell; "Justice League of America: The Ray," by Orlando and Stephen Byrne; "Justice League of America: The Atom," by Orlando and an unannounced artist; and "Justice League of America: Killer Frost," by Orlando, Houser and Mirka Andolfo.

Written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Ivan Reis, "Justice League of America" debuts in February.

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