DC's Interlocking "Brightest Day" Variants

DC Comics today unveiled their latest expansive teaser image. Although while past efforts at catching the eye of fans in regards to upcoming storylines have involved oblique metaphoric easter eggs and suggestive stagins and layouts on pinup drawings, the latest mega-image from the publisher breaks down into 12 distinct parts - 12 covers, to be exact. As drawn initially by Ryan Sook with an assist from Fernando Pasarin and Joel Gomez as well as art direction from DC co-publisher Jim Lee, the following collection of covers to incoming "Brightest Day" tie-ins hit the publisher's The Source blog this morning:

While the combined covers link together to form one complete image, the monumental staging for some of DC's most notable resurrected heroes and villains (along with the avatars of the various lantern corps) is less of a clue to the secrets of DC's upcoming mysteries and more a signifier of the next big push for the bi-weekly "Brightest Day" series. While The Source doesn't say exactly which covers will appear on which books, it can be assumed that the images will grace both "Brightest Day" and the various monthly tie-in series including "Justice League: Generation Lost," "Justice League of America," "Titans," "Birds of Prey," "The Flash," the "Green Lantern" titles and "Green Arrow" (a few of which have already earned covers).

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