DC's Diane Nelson among entertainment's most powerful women

The Hollywood Reporter continues its industry power surveys with a list of the 100 most powerful women in entertainment that includes DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson at No. 49.

No stranger to Hollywood, Nelson was president of Warner Premiere and shepherd of Warner Bros.' blockbuster Harry Potter franchise before being appointed in September 2009 as head of the studio's newly formed DC Entertainment division, designed to better exploit the comic-book properties across all media. Five months later, Nelson named Dan DiDio and Jim Lee as co-publishers and Geoff Johns as chief creative officer; in September 2010, the company announced a "bi-coastal realignment strategy" that saw the closing of WildStorm and the move of business/administration and digital-content operations to a new office tower in Burbank, California, less than a mile from Warner Bros. Studios. It was under Nelson that DC launched its New 52 initiative and expanded its digital reach.

"She’s the gatekeeper for the entire DC brand, which includes films like The Dark Knight Rises ($1.08 billion in worldwide grosses) and such TV series as The CW’s new high-performing drama Arrow and various shows on Cartoon Network," The Hollywood Reporter writes in its brief profile of Nelson. "Simply put, if you are a producer and you want to develop one of DC’s characters, you have to go through Nelson, 45. She also oversaw the relaunch of the entire line of DC Comics and created a plan for same-day digital comics on all platforms and partnering with Warner Bros. to develop new projects."

Last week the trade paper named Robert Kirkman and Neil Gaiman among the 25 most powerful authors in Hollywood.

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