DC's "Convergence" Features Variants by McKean, Bolland, Unexpected Crossovers & More

DC Comics' big news for April is "Convergence," of course, but even with so many announcements already made, the publisher's newly-released solicitation copy and images still contain some new information. From variant covers by some of the biggest artists in comics to unexpected character crossovers in the 40 2-issue "Convergence" miniseries and more, DC's April is loaded with surprises.

"Convergence" Merges the Multiverse in DC Comics' April Solicitations

  • The first four issues of "Convergence" hit weekly in April, and each one sports a variant cover by a different superstar artist. Brian Bolland tackles the first issue's 1:25 variant, which also sees a 1:100 sketch variant by Greg Capullo. Jae Lee and David Finch tackle the variants for #2, Dave McKean and Jim Lee team for #3 and Francis Manapul and Jim Lee handle #4. Tony S. Daniel and Mark Morales provide 'standard' variants for all four issues.
  • The first issue of every Convergence miniseries will be available with a Chip Kidd designed variant cover. The covers appear to feature art from the starring character's corresponding era. For example, the variant for "Convergence: Batman and the Outsiders" uses Jim Aparo art, while the variant for "Convergence: Batman and Robin" features Frank Quitely artwork.
  • Choosing your Convergence miniseries won't be as simple as looking at the cover, as virtually every bit of solicitation copy teases a Multiverse crossover. Ambush Bug fans will want to pick up "Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix" #1 for their Irwin Schwab fix, while Tangent Universe fans will want to look out for the New Teen Titans, Flash and JLA series.
  • He has yet to appear -- or be announced -- on the CW's "The Flash," but King Shark is placed firmly in the live-action series' continuity when he hits Central City in "The Flash Season Zero" #7.
  • The graphic novel adaptation of Stieg Larsson's "Millennium Trilogy" comes to a close in "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" HC. Denise Mina, Andrea Mutti and Antonio Fuso cap off the comic book take on the novel trilogy that began in 2012's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
  • Vertigo follows up on its "CMYK" quarterly anthology with "SFX," a new quarterly series celebrating the iconic sound effects that have helped define the comics medium.
  • In the toys and collectible arena, "Batman: The Animated Series'" Roxy Rocket gets a deluxe action figure, Jae Lee's "Superman/Batman" art comes to life as a series of action figures, and you can lend some authenticity to your Jim Gordon cosplay with a GCPD badge molded from the same mold used to create the props on "Gotham.

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