DC's "Black Canary" Band Releases Real-Life Music

If you ever wondered what kind of sound the Black Canary band has, wonder no more -- they've just released their first music album. For real.

In Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu's "Black Canary" series from DC Comics, Dinah joined a band called Black Canary and toured the country, fighting monsters and organizations that sought to kidnap their bassist Ditto along the way. Now, that band has become a reality (minus the monsters, fortunately).

Fletcher has collaborated with Caveboy vocalist Michelle Bensimon and producer Joseph Donovan to create a three-track album that flies under the Black Canary name.

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The band has its own section on the official DC Comics website. In addition to describing the band's music as "a blend of electronic beats and killer riffs," the page includes official bios for all of the characters and a handful of fictional tour dates.

Black Canary isn't the only comic book character getting the musical treatment. On the Marvel Comics side of things, the band Married with Sea Monsters has created songs for Gwen Stacy's band The Mary Janes.

Black Canary's first album -- titled, simply, "EP" -- is available for purchase.

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