DC's April Releases are "WTF Certified"

It's rare that an initiative from a major comics publisher is implemented without comment or disbelief from some readers, and in April, DC Comics plans to beat fans to the punch. With the reveal of the official logo via BuzzFeed, DC has officially declared its line-wide April gatefold covers event "WTF Certified."

Along with the logo, BuzzFeed also teased seven tidbits that readers can expect from "WTF Certified" comics, including appearances by Booster Gold, Pandora, the Creeper and the New Gods.

• Booster Gold reappears while an entire team disappears

• One team is trapped in a bottle while another is changed completely

• Some heroes change their colors and other change allegiances

• Pandora battles to the death

• A close encounter of The Dark Knight kind

• There's a new, old Creeper and some old New Gods.

• One hero quits, and another hero dies

And while this is the official announcement of the initiative's title, "WTF Certified" was teased by DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras during CBR's inaugural B&B column.

"It is part of, as we explained earlier, the theme of game-changing, upping the stakes for our heroes," Harras told CBR. "This was a way to accentuate that threat or shocking moments in our heroes' lives. What we're doing with the covers is thematically linked to that. They will be page-fold covers; the covers will tell you a story. There will be an image that will crack the page fold, and as you open up the cover, you'll say, 'Oh, wow!'"

Editorial director Bobbie Chase went even further stating readers "might even say, 'What the F?'"

Stay tuned to CBR for more details on DC's "WTF Certified" comics in April.

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