DC's 'After Watchmen, What's Next?' promotion

This is timely, as just the other day several folks were discussing this in the comments thread of one of Kevin's recent posts -- what comics do you give to a friend who just read Watchmen and wants to know what else is out there? DC's offering some suggestions by reprinting and rush soliciting a bunch of $1 comics, including Saga of the Swamp Thing #21, Preacher #1, Identity Crisis #1, Planetary #1 and Transmetropolitan #1.

So what do you think ... are these good chasers after a shot of Watchmen?

You can read more information from DC on the promotion after the jump.


The excitement surrounding the upcoming WATCHMEN feature film has brought new readers to the graphic novel format. Now that they’ve read WATCHMEN, where do they go next? Help point them in the right direction with DC Comics’ “AFTER WATCHMEN, WHAT’S NEXT?” program.

DC Comics has developed a marketing campaign that spotlights several award-winning, best-selling titles from our various imprints. Each book reflects an aspect of WATCHMEN’s broad appeal — including other works by Alan Moore, science fiction tales, post-modern super hero action and sophisticated titles for mature readers — and is a great entry point for both new fans just discovering graphic novels and established readers looking to try something new.

The program is supported by an extensive marketing campaign including five promotionally-priced reprint Specials which are rush solicited below.

The marketing campaign includes:

Five “AFTER WATCHMEN, WHAT’S NEXT?” Specials featuring a cover price of just $1.00:


Please see below for more information on these Specials.

Print:• 32-page booklet to be given away at conventions, comics shops and book stores• House ads in the DC Universe, Vertigo and WildStorm titles• Editorial page promotions in Vertigo: On the Ledge, DC Nation and WildStorm Stormfront columns• Trade ads

Online:• E-mail Blasts• National Consumer Online Banner Advertising Campaign• Retailer Tools on DC Comics retailer page on diamondcomics.com• Checklist, Header Card, Shelf Talker and Bag Slick• Bag Stuffer for DC Retailer page for Direct Market retailers

Social Networking:• AFTER WATCHMEN, WHAT’S NEXT? MySpace Group• AFTER WATCHMEN, WHAT’S NEXT? Facebook Group

Conventions:• Ad pages in Convention Program Guides• 32-page Booklet distribution at DC booth• Bookmark distribution at DC booth

DCCOMICS.COM:• Website at www.readwatchmen.com• Showcase titles on the homepages of DC, WildStorm and Vertigo throughout February, March and April to capture new WATCHMEN readers• Articles on DC, Vertigo and WildStorm homepages

Co-op:• Co-op Movie Slide• Co-op Ad Slick

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